Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmastime Was Meant To Bring Us Love

Christmas, tender and dear time;
Splendor, best-of-the-year time;
Precious, come-and-draw near time;
For Christmastime was meant to bring us love.

Christmas, go-buy-a-tree time;
Bright lights, let's-go-and-see time;
Laughter, wonderful-glee time;
For Christmastime was meant to bring us love.

The gifts we give are but a small reflection
of affection
we feel.

The tenderness which fills our heart is given
from Heaven
to heal.

Listen, silver bells ringing;
Look up, angels are singing;
Reach out, Christmas is bring to you
A priceless gift of peace sent from above.
For Christmastime was meant to bring us love.
- Jack Hayford -


  1. What a lovely poem! Have a wonderful Sunday. Laurie

  2. I was intrigued with your Thanksgiving with ladies and children. How wonderful and one you'll all remember forever. I actually ended up sitting at the girl's table-not planned, just happened-and we had a lot of fun. It was one of four tables we ended up having.

  3. Beautiful wreath in your header:>) Is this a song? I am not familiar with it but I like the words.

  4. This is lovely and I love it on the Coast. It was one of those glorious winter days when you don't feel like you have to be bundled up for the artic to be on the beach.

  5. Hello Adrienne. Thank you so much for stopping by to see me. I thought I'd drop by to visit you, too, and must say I love your wreaths! The fresh green wreath in your banner is beautiful and I've always loved this painting of a festive wreath by Barbara Mock. The colors are so rich and festive. Thanks again, and I'll be back to visit soon. ~Arleen


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