Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Time

While my dear cousin and her husband were here for a visit we had a wonderful evening together with my son and daughter and their families. There was lots of talking and laughter, food and fun. Most of all it was just a special time to be together. It was hard to capture everyone in my photos but a few moments were 'caught' to help us remember the evening. Shortly after everyone arrived the boys found their way to our back yard with a football. There's always time for a game or two! Mr. G. and Mr. C. helped each other on one end. . .While Mr. R. handled things on the other end of the game.Mealtime together was great! My sweetheart grilled venison steak (fresh from this year's hunt!) and chicken. Everyone brought a variety of things to share. There was no shortage of food at my house! And it was all SO good. There were too many of us to sit around my big table so we set up a little table in the living room for a few adults. My dear little mother, my cousin, Mrs. C., her husband, Mr. V., and I had the privilege of dining there. (Don't tell my dear mother that I showed you this picture! I'll be in b-i-g trouble!!) I kept the table decor to a minimum because the children were having too much fun!And our littlest grandson didn't need to be tempted to pull the tablecloth and everything on it.After dinner we had such fun together - catching up with the news since we last saw each other, reminiscing and laughing. A lot! The 'big' boys had fun playing together with teeny, tiny cars from my toybox.Mr. H. spent a lot of time 'working' with the tools from my Home Depot toy toolbox.It didn't take him long to discover that the tool-shaped buttons on the front of the lid made sounds. Oh, what fun! He spent most of the evening working and playing and enjoying having his family close by. His mama, Mrs. K., and his aunt, Mrs. M. (our daughter), enjoyed watching him work. His big brother, Mr. G., joined him for awhile.The best part of the evening was the pleasure we had just being together. It meant a lot to my sweetheart to see his family having such good time.And he wasn't the only one who was happy!


  1. Family gettogethers are so special. I loved seeing your pictures, especially the one of your happy little guy at the end. Such a cute photo!

  2. What a wonderful time. Glad you got to enjoy your family.

  3. Look at that happy face! I love it. Sweet family times!

    Blessings to you!!

    Happy night,

  4. Adrienne, what a lovely family you have. The last picture says it all!!! What a C U T I E!!!



  5. Family times are the best times. blessings, marlene

  6. Hi Adrienne! What a nice time it seems you had with your family! How nice of you to host the dinner, too. Now I must tell you, the last picture of that little cutie with his head reared back completely tells the story!! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. What sweet pictures! I wish I could have my granddarlings come more often. Half will be here Thanksgiving, and the others here Christmas.


  8. What a wonderful time!!! :) I am so glad you all had such an enjoyable evening together! :)


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