Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planning and Cleaning and Packing, Oh My!

Today is a very busy day! There’s lots to do. We’re getting ready to go away for a few days – just my sweetheart and I. Oh, yes, and Joey (the puppy!), too. Has it already been a year since our last excursion up the mountain to camp and fish and enjoy a few days in the sun? Yes, indeed, it has! Tomorrow we are going to a beautiful lake up on Mount Hood - a quiet place where we love to go. My sweetheart will fish and I will talk to God and Joey (and maybe myself!) and read and knit and perhaps do a bit of writing.


Joey and I will go out for walks and a few boat rides with my sweetheart. Joey has his own little life vest so he can be a safe and savvy – cool dog – boater.


Over the next days I’m sure there will be a nap or two. For Joey, I'm sure. Maybe for me!


That’s tomorrow – but no nap for me today. There’s work to be done. Our little home-away-from home, cabin-on-wheels, has been in winter storage mode and today is the day to wake her up – get her ready for Spring and Summer and the Early Fall season ahead. Time to clean and wipe out the dust that settled in during the long winter months. Time to restock cupboards and drawers with supplies that couldn’t stay onboard through the cold season that has passed. Time to fluff and phoof and make things ready. Time to prepare for rest and relaxation without a care in the world.


And then – tomorrow when my sweetheart returns from work – we will drive a short distance to the place we will call home for a few days away. Surrounded by quiet and the gentle sounds of nature high on the mountain. Until then, I’ve got to get busy – there’s work to do!


  1. You and your sweetie do get around Adrienne! Seems I barely catch up with you and you are off on another adventure:>) Have a great trip, it sounds like so much fun!

  2. Has it really been a year since you shared those gorgeous pictures of your weekend at the lake? Wow. Time sure passes fast. Love your little summer home. We have a new-to-us very-old camper that we just bought and fixed up. Turned out really cute.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip!!
    (Dustin is home. I'll email you and give you an update in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, my friend!)

  3. I'll just be honest and admit that I'm a wee bit jealous! :) Enjoy your getaway. :)

  4. I'll just be honest and admit that I'm a wee bit jealous! :) Enjoy your getaway. I hope you return with an overflowing cup. :)

  5. Have a fabulous time away! May it be a blessing for you!

  6. Oh, that sounds wonderful, Adrienne. I remember your trip last year. And your little Joey is so cute and sweet. It's nice that he gets to go too.

  7. Adrienne, I know you must be having a wonderful time. We all need times to refresh.


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