Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Again!

After a few days away I have returned home again. Relaxed. Refreshed. Reflecting on my days away and the time spent making new memories with dear friends. Time spent with recent friends and long-ago friends - friends who are special and add so much to my life.

Recent friends who moved from here. . .


To here a few days ago.


It was good to see them again so soon. And such fun to enjoy the beauty of their new-home-for-a-time while he returns to school. And to see such beauty along the way. Snow-covered mountains. . .


And rocky crags.


And then there were cherished days together with my Best Friend Forever from college days long ago. She took me to places that made my heart sing. Peaceful time spent together. To share and reminisce. To care and shed a tear or two. To laugh and dream. To enjoy the world around us and plan more times like this in the future.


Time in the sun. . .


And time for some fun.


Time to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of talented men and women. . .


And time to stroll through the beauty of God’s creation. . .


In a wonderful, big garden center nearby.


Time together at the beach. . .


And in little shops close by.


Time that goes too quickly but stays in my heart forever. Time that I will never forget and will always hold dear and treasure. Nothing can take it away.

There's a miracle called Friendship

That dwells within the heart,

And you don't know how it happened

Or when it got its start.

But the happiness it brings you

Always gives a special lift.

And you realize that friendship

Is God's precious gift.

-Author unknown-


  1. Hi, sweetie!
    Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time away! Glad that you were given this opportunity - you deserve a little pampering!
    All my hugs and a "welcome home" ...
    B :)

  2. Adrienne, it sounds like your time was perfection. It is so good to be able to share in special togetherness to renew your spirit.

  3. What a wonderful vacation...time with old friends cannot be matched. :) blessings, marlene

  4. Adrienne - your pictures are beautiful! And it looks like you had a wonderful time. I hope you are very well. I've been away for a while and I'm sorry for not visiting. I'm back to blogging now and am so glad to be checking in with you - so happy you are doing well.


  5. Eereything looks so lovely! You must have had a wonderful time with your friend:>)

  6. Looks like you visited some beautiful and fun places!


  7. Beautiful pictures, Adrienne ~ I'm glad you and your friend had a wonderful time.


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