Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lazing By The Lake

Lazing: to pass time in idleness or relaxation

That’s exactly what we did for a few days last weekend when we were away at one of our favorite lakes. We lazed, passed time, in idleness and relaxation by Clear Lake, on the side of Mount Hood not too far from our home. We took our little cabin-on-wheels and my sweetheart’s boat and made an extended Fourth of July Holiday weekend. It was wonderful but time in the quiet world of the outdoors came to an end too soon and we had to come home! Home where family and friends and work and responsibilities waited for our return. Since we got home a few days ago I have been trying to catch up – catch up with laundry and schedules and housework and my chaplain ministry. And there’s not been much chance to catch up with the two hundred and seventy-six blog entries waiting for me to read so I can catch up with you, my dear blog friends. I’m working on it – and I will get caught up. I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! I know I can!!!

There are still so many things to share with you from my recent trip to California and our day at the zoo with our sweet grandkids. That will happen soon – I promise – and then I will have a chance to share more wonderful finds from thrifting and garage sale-ing with my dear mother and cousin. But first I want to tell you about our days away at the lake.

I have shared here and here and here of previous trips to the lake. Things were a bit different this time because we had never been there in July. The weather was much warmer, the campsite was very dry and dusty and the mosquitos must have heard that we were coming! They had moved in with a vengeance! We thought we were leaving the heat that had settled into the Portland area and the surrounding valleys behind as we travelled to higher altitudes. But we were wrong. The first days were H-O-T!!! And filled with a lot of people on the beach, soaking up the sun, enjoying being together and relishing the fact that they didn’t have to march to the beat of anyone’s drum! It was as if we were all in this together. It didn’t seem to matter that most of us had never seen each other before. Time away in a beautiful place was what we all had in common. This area of the lake is first-come-first served. No reservations here. When we arrived we found that our favorite campsite by the water was still available. It took a bit of maneuvering to get our little home-away-from home in place and soon we were settled in and ready to stay awhile.

Beachside Camp

(Our campsite is just to left of the photo – we had great views!)

The day after we arrived my cousin, her husband and my dear little mother came to join us for a day together that we will never forget. The men enjoyed time fishing, especially since they caught some nice trout. Meanwhile back at the ranch - I mean campsite – we girls had a great time visiting and chatting together. My little dog, Joey, spent a lot of time through the days at the lake protecting and guarding us and watching the world go by outside!

Watchdog Joey

The sights and sounds of wildlife on the lake are incredible. During the early morning hours we heard many birds calling each other. And throughout the day we were often visited by ‘the locals’ as they came by to see what we were doing. This mamma duck and her nine ducklings were frequent guests.

Mamma Duck and Ducklings

And toward the end of our time at the lake a Canadian Goose family arrived from somewhere nearby.

Canadian Goose Family

The mamma goose leads the way and the daddy follows behind, always watching for potential danger to his family. I was amazed that mamma and babies didn’t seem to have much fear – they came out of the water. . .

Mamma Goose and Goslings

And walked right up close to see if I had anything special to give them to eat. . .

Canadian Goose Family Upclose

While the father stood guard nearby.

Papa Goose

A brief, deep honking sound from him and the babies headed right back into the water as fast as their little legs would take them. Mamma wasn’t far behind!

Baby Goose

Sunday morning we woke to calm water – so still it looked like a mirror! The reflections captured my heart.

Still and Calm Water

It wasn’t long before my sweetheart headed out in search of more fish. Fish for supper that night – on the grill!

Reflections of A Fisherman

After lunch we decided to drive a ways to the nearest little village on the mountain. Time to see more of the area and time away together. The peak of Mt. Hood is just above the village and I was intrigued by the sight of the ski lift nearby. Abandoned for the summer.

Mt. Hood and Ski Lift

On our way back to our camp we turned off the highway and drove a few miles to a lake we had never seen. The beauty was breathtaking!

Trillium Lake

You may have seen this view of Trillium Lake on a calendar. It's a popular photo from Oregon! I was thrilled to be there and capture my own 'prize-winning' photo.

Trillium Lake 2

Back at camp - after our dinner of fresh grilled lake trout, garlic-herb mashed potatoes, mixed assorted veggies and tossed green salad - my sweetheart, Joey and I enjoyed a long, leisurely walk together through the woods and along the lake shore. Shortly after we arrived back at our cabin-on-wheels the setting sun colored the clouds that had begun to gather overhead. The view out our window was more than I could handle. I had to grab the camera and go - there was no way I could sit still!

Sunset on the Lake 2

A few minutes later the colors in the sky had changed again and they were nearly gone. In the darkness, we could see the light of our neighbor’s campfire. Just a bright little dot in the night!

After Sunset

Not much later the moon was above the hills on the opposite side of the lake. The reflection in the water was absolutely fantastic! I wasn’t sure I could capture the scene with my camera. You can imagine my delight when I did!!

Moonlit Lake

And then it seemed it was suddenly time to return home. Home where we would remember and reflect on our days spent lazing by the lake – days of idle relaxation, days to hold dear and treasure in our hearts. But before we left I had to look back – just one more time - to lock it forever in my heart. And in my soul.

One Last Look


  1. What an amazing place, so peaceful. Wonderful pictures.

  2. So so so incredibly beautiful, Adrienne. Wish we could enjoy what you did, just a campsite away. :o)

    It rained early this evening. Rained. It. Never. Rains. Here. In. July. EEEVVVEEERRR. It rained. A welcome heavy mist, actually. Enough to bring tHat cAt scurrying in for cover. hehe. I'm sure there are thunderclouds looming overhead in the Sierra about now. :o)

    Bless you,
    jAne at

  3. What a beautiful place to spend some time. It sounds like you had a great time! Wonderful sunset and moon shots....
    p.s. about my teapot lamp...I am selling it, it is on my website (link is on my sidebar).

  4. Wow, your pictures are absolutely amazing, BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Adrienne, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! You caught some amazing moments - the moonlit night, the beautiful pictures of Mt. Hood, the glassy lake, the ducks - all of them just beautiful. Your little Joey is so adorable! Thank you for sharing with us.


  6. What a nice relaxing time you had there! The photos are all so beautiful! Little Joey is just adorable!


  7. Beautiful pics of our beloved state Adrienne!Bless you~Sharon

  8. Adrienne, I had such a delightful time just now catching up and seeing the places you have been visiting. What a wonderful summer you are having--BFF visit, sailboats, Disney, beautiful flowers, wildlife, sunsets, moonrise--all beautiful and special I know.

    Thank you so much for your recent comment on the bathroom redo. I have to tell you it made my day! I hope you join the knitting group at the library. How fun that would be!

    Hugs to you and little Joey,
    PS Your family remains in my prayers--I have not forgotten them.

  9. You have so many great nature shots! Living in the PNW is such a blessing!


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