Saturday, November 28, 2009

How To Build A Christmas Tree

Last year I shared here about the monthly women’s ministry I’m involved in and about the florist-friend who spoke and demonstrated decorations and arrangements for the holiday season. A couple of weeks ago she was back again with more ideas to share with us. Her work is wonderful and we always enjoy her humor and her words of encouragement. Not only does she share how to do things that look easy when she does them – she breaks them down into steps and makes us believe we can do it, too. This year she showed us how to build a Christmas tree! She began with a pretty, red, glittery planter – with oasis in the center and a glass column inserted into the oasis for spacing and support as she worked. (As the tree took shape, she removed the glass cylinder.)


She slowly began to build her tree from green branches she had cut in her yard!


She kept adding greens until the tree began to take shape!


As she worked and talked, it seemed possible to build our own trees. She is a great teacher and doesn’t make the task seem impossible! When all the greens were in place, she added bare branches and red berries for texture and then tied the top together with raffia.


More red berries were added and a few branches with green leaves, as well as white berries – all things from her yard.


And then she began to decorate with pretty little ornaments!


She made red bows for the top – and then it was finished!


Shortly after she finished making this pretty little tree she gave it away. My sweet friend, Miss K., won – and she was thrilled beyond belief!


Our guest always brings such fun things to sell – at a special price. This year was no exception. And what great bargains we got! There were Christmas penguins. . .


Pretty ornaments on fabulous ornament hangers. . .


Gold Christmas card holders. . .


And cute little church ornaments.


When we neared the end of our time together she gave away the most gorgeous floral arrangement we could imagine. The lady who won also got all the bits and pieces and the directions to change it from a Thanksgiving arrangement to a beautiful arrangement for Christmas.


We had such fun together and we went away encouraged and inspired and ready to dream of the decorating possibilities for our homes through the holiday season.


  1. Great pictures and decorative ideas for the holidays. Thank you.

  2. Looks like you had such a wonderful time! Love the "building" of the Christmas tree!


  3. What a precious little tree. Thanks for sharing the building of one! :)

  4. Thanks for the lesson !
    Love from the Netherlands Rini

  5. What a wonderful treat for the gals in your ministry...that's one awesome tree! Love all the goodies she had for sale as well. One of the marks of a great teacher is to empower the trainees with confidence that they can do it...she sounds like a real treasure!

    Glad you had such a succesful event!

    Have a lovely week Adrienne!

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Becky S.

  6. What fun! Great tutorial....
    Have a wonderful week Adrienne...

  7. Very cool Adrienne! THanks for showing this. I think I can see what she did and now I want to try building my own tree in one of my urns on the front porch:>)

  8. Oh, what a fun day! I would have loved being there! The tree is incredible, as well as all the unique goodies she brought along! I want to go back and see what she did last year, I saw it last year, but have to refresh my memory. This also reminds me I was going to do a tutorial on building a Nativity floral arrangement. I hope I can find the time to do it!


  9. Love the idea of building a Christmas tree. She does make it look simple and beautiful.


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