Friday, November 27, 2009

Treasured Gifts

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday and that you are doing something relaxing today. I have been home alone with my puppy and kitty and have just taken my time to get things picked up after the big day yesterday. My dear little mother, my cousin and her husband and I were the only ones here to enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner. My sweetheart is elk hunting on the opposite corner of the state and will return home tomorrow. He was able to get a cell phone signal and call last evening to wish me a wonderful day. An impromptu family together is happening here tonight – our two kids and their families are bringing leftovers and joining my dear mother, my cousin, her husband and me for a bit of a ‘potluck’ supper. It will be great fun to be together since they weren’t able to join us yesterday.

Recently I received two very sweet gifts from two very special ladies in my life. The first is from my dear cousin, Mrs. C. You may recall that she and her hubby moved near us from out-of-state a year ago. A few weeks ago we shopped together for some accessories for her living room that was in the process of a redo. She found a wonderful clock – the perfect size for the wall near her kitchen – and, in the process, she gave me this darling little clock she had been using for some time. It’s perfect for my kitchen!

Teapot Clock

A week ago I drove to a nearby city to be part of a wonderful reunion luncheon at the home of my former pastor’s wife. She and her husband have been serving as missionaries in Europe for the past several years and they are home for a few months, returning next Spring. She had a very sweet potluck luncheon at her home for a number of the ladies from our former church in years past. Many of the gals have moved and scattered around the Pacific Northwest so it was fun to get together again. At each place setting Mrs. L. had placed a little white teacup that was filled with nuts and candies (of course I had forgotten my camera!). The teacups were a gift for each of us to take home.

Little White Teacup

Isn’t that just the cutest little cup?

Little White Teacup - Upclose

The glittery little leaves are just right. They are ‘padded’ with a foam-rubber-type backing. They may have been stickers that were added. I didn’t ask. I was just so thrilled to get one with a yellow leaf! Goes with my things!!

I always treasure things given by the people in my life. I could buy a clock and a teacup but it wouldn’t be the same – they just wouldn’t have the special meaning it has because of the dear people who gave them to me. From their heart to mine.


  1. I am so tickled that you had a nice Thanksgiving, even if hubby was out in the woods. Many a time, back in Colorado, Mr. Sweet did the same thing. He still loves to hunt but seldom gets to...the cost is prohibitive for him and he has to drive too far....he does sometimes go hunting for Texas White Tail with our son in law.
    I adore both your gifts...
    xo bj

  2. How sweet! I'm so happy to have met you too! Thanksgiving here was so nice. I'm very -well- "thankful"!


  3. Dear Adrienne,
    Happy to hear you are having some lovely times with your family!
    Sorry I'm late-but want to send you belated, but heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes!
    With Love from the Cabin,
    Claudia O.

  4. What special gifts of friendship. What a treasure.

  5. What darling gifts! Things that bring to mind the people who used them are the best gifts:>) I 'm glad your Thanksgiving was so lovely. We had some hunters too but they left AFTER our dinner!

  6. Adrienne, I'm glad you had some family time even if hubby was missing. I'm sure they were treasured moments. What sweet gifts you received! The clock is perfect for you, and your sweet teacup will always bring your friend to mind.

  7. A very pretty cup!
    Happy New Year from a very snowy England.
    x Julie x

  8. Really fantastic gifts for friendship. Love them all.


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