Monday, August 9, 2010

Peeking In At A Party

Last week I celebrated my birthday. The daytime hours were like most any day – the morning hours were spent in my chaplain ministry and during the afternoon I ‘puttered’ around the house, doing things that needed to be done. But late in the afternoon everything changed! My sweetheart had planned and organized a family barbecue – exactly what I wanted. I wanted time with my family gathered together! He outdid himself. I was very proud of him and the way he had each of the gals (my dear little mother, our daughter, daughter-in-law and my cousin) participate. Before most of the crowd arrived my cousin and her hubby came and were busy with assigned tasks. Whenever I wandered into the kitchen or outside to the patio I was told to go relax, put up my feet and get ready for a party! The dining room table was decorated, as were two tables on the patio. My sweetheart bought potted plants for centerpieces on each table. Is it any surprise that the blooms on the plants were yellow?



Tiny pots of little cactus were added to the floral centerpieces – chosen by my sweetheart so I could plant a little cactus garden later.


My sweetheart reigned over the grill – the aroma of chicken filled the air.


Soon my family began to arrive. Everyone had such a good time together. My dear mother and our granddaughter, Miss E. . .


Two of our grandsons – Mr. G. and Mr. C. enjoyed being together again. . .


And our youngest granddaughter, Miss H., arrived in her party dress. She and her aunt, our daughter-in-law, Mrs. K, seemed to enjoy spending time together.


Mr. R., our oldest grandson, is growing up so fast. He recently broke his collarbone in a skateboarding accident so he has to wear a backpack-style brace for a few weeks.


After the festivities began to slow down a bit, Miss E. read Winnie the Pooh to Mr. H. He snuggled up next to her and listened intently – and then, as his body began to relax, his thumb went into his mouth and it was obvious sleep would overtake him if he sat still much longer.


But it wasn’t long and he was up and going again! He couldn’t wait to hold his new cousin, 'Bebe H.' (supervised, of course, by her mommy, our daughter, Mrs. M.).


Miss H. was the ‘new kid on the block’ and everyone wanted time to hold her. Mr. J., our son enjoyed spending time with his new niece. He held her for a long time so her mommy could eat and enjoy time with the family.


It was fun to see our oldest grandson and our youngest granddaughter together. (Oh, Grandma, that light is so bright!)


My sweetheart bought a beautiful birthday cake for me – complete with yellow roses. Of course you know yellow roses are my favorite!


The evening went too fast but it was filled with love and laughter and lots of smiles.


Much too soon it was time to give hugs and kisses and say goodbye. . .


And it seems there’s always time for one more picture of someone ‘hanging’ from a branch in the big tree by Grandma’s front door!


(Pictures of some family members are missing: my sweet cousin and her hubby - and our oldest granddaughter who requested that I not share the photos I took of her. This grandma loves the fun photos that show her ‘cuteness’ but I have chosen to respect her wishes. Of course I am always the one behind the camera so you will just have to believe me that I did attend the party!)


  1. Happy Birthday!! You have a beautiful family. How wonderful of your husband to put this together for you.

  2. Happy belated birthday! What a nice way to spend it.

    Seeing the pictures of your backyard reminds me so much of ours when we lived in Canby. We even built raised beds at the same end as you.

    We live so close, and I'm in Canby at least three days a week. We should get together for coffee some time. :-)

  3. What a wonderful birthday celebration. The little ones I am sure make life quite full of laughter and joy.

  4. Adrienne, what a lovely birthday you had. You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed seeing each and every one! Next time have Mr. Sweetheart take a pic of you!! Wasn't he sweet to set the tables so thoughtfully, and then do the grilling. Wishing you many more special birthdays like this one.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Adrienne! It looks like that is exactly what you had. I know how much family means to you and how much you must have loved having them all near on your special day:>) What a dear husand you have to plan it all!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! ... Happy BIRTHday TO YOU! ... & may God bless you!

    That bouquet of yellow on that deelish cake is gorgeous! The kid-lings are so handsome ... I'd be spoiling that princess also. Lovely family ...

    Have a beautiful summer's eve, my friend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  7. Happy Birthday!! How wonderful that all your family was able to come and celebrate your special day!!! We are so blessed with families!

    bee blessed

  8. What a lovely treat your husband put on for you Adrienne. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Great to see your home, garden and family.
    Thanks for your prayers.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Adrienne. Our birthdays are close.

    Your hubby hosted the perfect party. I can't imagine a better way to spend a birthday than we those you love.

  10. What a sweet family Adrienne - so thoughtful. And what fun for you! blessings, marlene

  11. Happy Birthday blessing Adrienne....
    A little late but there non the less.
    Your family is wonderful,
    Loved all the photos...
    Did you save me a piece of cake?
    Yum....Love cake!
    Have a great week my friend,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. Oh, I loved those pictures of your fine looking family, Adrienne. That little baby is so precious. I know you all had such a good time. Your husband is wonderful.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Adrienne...I celebrated my birthday on August 11 th :)

    Great pictures and such a beautiful cake!

  14. What a wonderful birthday party with having all your family there with you!

    Love the yellow rose cake!

    A Belated Happy Birthday to you!



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