Friday, November 5, 2010

Comings And Goings And A Handmade Chair

Autumn days are flying by. The leaves are falling from our big maple tree just outside my front window and the chilly nights signal the soon arrival of winter. Thoughts of Christmas have begun to swirl in my head and plans are being made for holiday celebrations with those dear to my heart. Nights are chilly but the last few days have been unusually warm – and gorgeous! The weather has begun to change and soon our clocks will change, too! I love this time of year – it’s a time of change and time to bring out special things carefully packed away for the last months.


Today was my weekly trek out and about with my dear, little mother and my cousin. We headed south a ways to one of my favorite places. A visit to Historic Deepwood Estate to share the joy of seeing my yellow depression glass on display with my sweet mom, lunch out together (joined by a sweet friend) and a bit of thrifting along the the way added treasured memories of time spent together.

Deepwood Black and White

Tomorrow morning I will return to the gorgeous mansion for a photo-shoot. I am excited and feeling a bit stretched and challenged with the task at hand. The ladies who ‘do’ the teas through the year at Deepwood will all be there, dressed in vintage and vintage-reproduction gowns and I – yes, that’s right, ME – I get to do the photography that may be used on the website, in advertising and perhaps on the hoped-for blog that may begin in the near future. In a couple of weeks I will return to the mansion to take photos as this wonderful, old home is decorated for the holidays. I will watch as this special house is transformed into a place of holiday beauty. I’ll be sure to share with you, my friends – don’t worry about that. I won’t forget you!

Deepwood Estate

I thought you would enjoy this little hand-carved chair we saw at a historic site in the eastern part of our state earlier this year. It’s a bit rough and I’m sure not too comfortable. Perhaps the lady of the house made cushions – perhaps not!


I hope you take time to slow down and ‘sit a spell’ this weekend. And I hope – oh, how I hope - you find a soft place to sit!


  1. How exciting to be the photographer for such a beautiful place! I love the house, I am so in love with the old architecture.

  2. Morning, Adrienne! Oh, this sounds so wonderful! You are a great photographer and I know your snaps will turn out beautifully. I'm sure you did enjoy your little outing with your mother! Please take some snaps of your yellow depression glass for us to see.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Shelia ;)

  3. How wonderful that you get to be the photographer for this gorgeous house! Your photos are lovely, so I know they will be delighted with you.

    That chair looks amazing!

  4. Oh my, I wouldn't want to sit there to stitch! blessings, marlene

  5. Adrienne, Lovely photos! And the chair, yes I will sit awhile, but I do agree a cushion would be nice.

  6. Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Dear. That chair is something else, isn't it.

  7. I've been scrolling down to read all the posts I have missed lately. How interesting that chair is!

    I hope you are able to share the pictures you took with us.


    I've been going through a hard time lately. Please pray. Thanks.


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