Monday, October 25, 2010

Follow The ‘Yellow Glass’ Road

A few days ago my dear cousin and I went on an excursion. A much-anticipated day away together. Girls on a mission! We left fairly early in the morning and headed straight to Salem, a short distance from my home. Our first stop was at a big Goodwill store where we took our sweet time. I’m sure we must have looked at everything there. Our next stop was down the road a bit – it was the exciting focus of my day. Destination: Historic Deepwood Estate! In the past I’ve shared about this wonderful Victorian mansion here and here.


It was a gorgeous Fall day in our part of Oregon. We parked and walked through the side gardens, on our way to the front door. The tour guide greeted us at the door. ‘Oh, yes, we’ve been expecting you.’ Then we were cheerfully ushered inside and told to help ourselves – go ahead and wander wherever you want. Take your time.


What was the reason for our visit? Why were they expecting us? Why were we given full access to the mansion? Anywhere we wanted to go? Without a tour guide? I was treated as an honored guest because some of my yellow depression glass collection is on display there! My glass is on display in a gorgeous, historic mansion! The thought just makes me swoon! How did this come to be? Simple – my dear friend, Mrs. B. of Sammy Girl fame, coordinates all the displays at Deepwood. I was not prepared for what I was about to see. There’s no way to tell you what I felt when my eyes first caught sight of my lovely pieces on display. Words can’t define it. Each of the chosen pieces is displayed in ways that accentuate its beauty and brings out the details.

We started upstairs. Oh, my! It nearly took my breath away! Not to complain – the bright sunshine made taking photos most difficult at times. Not to be discouraged - I forged ahead. Near the top of the stairs we found a china cabinet full of my collection. And I couldn’t believe what I saw!


(The beautiful, little set on the upper left does not belong to me. I would be very happy to have just like it!)


I don’t think my collection has ever looked more beautiful!


Suddenly I fell in love with each piece all over again and I knew why I have loved it from the beginning.


On top of the little cabinet – an upturned bowl, topped with my yellow hen-on-the-nest dish.


Around the corner – oh my! The yellow quilt was the inspiration for the ‘yellow’ display.


As I entered the room I immediately saw one of my biggest yellow bowls that was layered on top of one of my favorites.


Turning around, a closer look at the mantle made me smile. The yellow and white cream pitcher and sugar bowl are mine. And the swans are mine, too. The big swan is a little vase – the smaller swans are candleholders. Look at that teapot! Wonder why it’s not mine. Hmmm, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for one just like it.



So many other things to see upstairs. I will show you some of them tomorrow. Then, down the stairs and into the dining room, we found more of my collection.







I saw my yellow glass collection through ‘new’ eyes – and I appreciate what I have more than ever before. You might be surprised to know that all of these pieces have been stored away, packed in boxes, in my garage. I didn’t take anything that is on display in my home. I don’t have room for it all in my little house. I know – how can that be? How can I pack it away where it can’t be seen? Something needs to change here! I have the perfect solution – a mansion. I need a mansion – a big, old, beautiful, Victorian mansion! Yes, I believe that’s what needs to happen. When it does, you will be the first to know! And you will be welcome to visit anytime.


  1. Beautiful....simply beautiful! You need to buy that mansion! The yellow glass needs to be in the sunshine for sure.

  2. Beautiful...simply beautiful. You are right, that pretty yellow glass needs to be in the sunshine....

  3. I love Depression glass, but Ive never seen yellow before. I wonder why, is it that rare? I have a green bowl of my grammas thats my favorite but......I tend to collect pink. I dont have a lot but what I do have I just love.

  4. These are just wonderful Adrienne! I just love the diplay with the yellow dress, quilt and your lovely pieces. Have you thought about looking on craigs list for a little cabinet to display some of these? I have seen old china cabinets for as little as $50 on craigs list here.

  5. Adrienne, your pieces are fabulous but that quilt is to die for exquisite. Beautiful presentation of your treasures ...

    Have a BOO-TEA-FUL week!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. I wish you had a mansion too - and I would definitely come visit you and your collection. :) blessings, marlene

  7. Oh Adrienne, how lovely! I had no idea you had such a huge beautiful collection! The house is amazing too.
    Yes, the hubs and I were in your neck of the woods on our date day...we went down hwy. 99 to Silverton.
    Next week I go see my grandbabies!!! But after I get back, lets go to Monticello, ok?
    Love to you my friend,

  8. Oh, dear Adrienne. I am swooning at all of this beauty. What a wonderful honor for you to have your gorgeous pieces displayed, and how kind of you to share the beauty with others.

    Yes, yes. You do need to be "the lady" of your very own mansion.

    By the way, did you know that yellow is my favorite color?

  9. Now I wonder why I collect green when yellow is my favorite color. Just beautiful!

  10. Oh, my! What an honor to have your yellow collection on display there! It is all so beautiful!! Can't believe you keep it packed away! Why don't you store it at my house!! LOL!

    You have a much bigger collection than I do!! Love it!


  11. I know you were in heaven with all those pretty yellow things, Adrienne. Your blog is lovely and the music too.

  12. Adrienne, this is so special! Your glassware looks beautiful in this historical home, and it is displayed so well. What a joy for you. I enjoyed your following post and photos of this lovely home too. I really loved the stained glass. New glass just doesn't have the same charm.

  13. Goodness, it's all so beautiful! Your gorgeous glass, the Spode plates, the beautiful quilt! It's lovely, and I had NO IDEA that such a place existed! I'm definitely going to check it out.
    ~Angela :-)


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