Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning Scenes

The moon slowly sinking away over rooftops nearby. . .


The texture of frost on the hot tub. . .


Leftover leaves and reflections in a little birdbath. . .


And then – a big robin hopped by and flew to the top of the neighbor’s tree!


I think it’s safe to say – Spring is on its way!


  1. Beautiful photos! Yes, I declare that spring is on its way!

  2. Oh yes it is! The sky is glorious this morning. The sun is shining on Mt. St. Helen's and I can see it from my kitchen window. Just beautiful!

  3. We have a very blustery wind blowing today working at cleaning the trees of their broken and dead branches while it also dries the abundance of moisture that has taken over our yards and fields as inches and inches of snow melted so quickly.

    I love how God made nature to renew and cleanse itself. He constantly amazes me!

    Your photos are so very lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What great pictures you took, love the water in the birdbath with the silhouette of the trees.
    Enjoy your day!!

  5. Wonderful shots Adrienne. I've enjoyed this full moon, so much. It is huge! Fortunately we've had a couple of clear nights this week.

  6. We have daffosil blades just now cutting thru the mulch, so spring is definitely on the way! I love that birdbath of yours!

  7. Spring? We had snow today...made me want to stay in and bake cinnamon I did!
    Your mother sounds and looks so glad she is improving...what a faithful servant she is.
    Your time with our dear Jane sounds just wonderful...isn't God good?!

  8. Adrienne
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and leaving such sweet comments.
    Come by any time
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  9. Oh, you got a photo of that amazing moon! I was driving home last night and saw it too. It was so beautiful that I got out my cell phone but was not able to get a shot.

  10. The same is happening here. It is such a boost to my winter blues. God is good to give us new beginnings each year! Lovely photos to capture the moment.

  11. Beautiful pictures, my friend ~ I can't wait for Spring.


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