Monday, February 7, 2011

Over The Moon


I am over the moon excited! Someone special is coming to my house today!!!! My dear blog friend, Jane, from Tickleberry Farm will be close by my home to pick up her new, little vintage trailer (read about it here). She is coming today and she will spend the night in my home. We plan to talk a mile a minute and hope to do a wee bit of thrifting before she leaves for home tomorrow afternoon. We will finally see each other – and hug in person – and talk face-to-face. Be still, my heart!

And there is an unexpected, special bonus: Jane’s hubby will be in the area on business. My sweetheart and I will get to meet him, too. He will join us for dinner –what a treat! The two guys have common interests and they will be busy talking ‘guy’ talk, I’m sure, while we girls enjoy a good visit. We four had planned a few vacation days together with our travel trailers on the Oregon Coast last summer but our plans were changed by work schedules and family needs. Now we finally get to be together for a bit. Maybe we will even make new plans for that trip to the coast!

If you haven’t visited Jane at the Farm, please be sure to stop by to see her lovely home and read about her doings. I’m sure you will enjoy every bit of what you see.

With A Grateful Heart,


  1. Have a wonderful day ~ enjoy and have fun!

  2. Have a wonderful visit and enjoy the hugs, as I know you will. Oh and thrifting too, what fun!

  3. Sounds absolutely delightful! Take lots of pictures.:-)

  4. I am so happy for you, have a wonderful time! I popped over to her site, and the little camper is adorable. What fun you will all have.

  5. Oh Adrienne it sounds like you are having one of those "God's happy surprises" !!!

    Enjoy your time- It is so fun meeting blogging friends face to face!

    bee blessed

  6. Oh Adrienne, how wonderful that you finally got to meet! How was your visit? Her trailer looks so cute! I'll bet she decorates it real pretty! Maybe someday WE will get to meet in person too - I hope so, soon! By the way, how is your diet going, I'll bet you look terrific!

  7. How wonderful for bothof you Adrienne! i know you will both have fun, and how special to meet face to face:>)

  8. This is a fun thing...sometimes the connection isn't as strong at in our blogs...but it's always there. That "oh! I know you!" feeling. Enjoy! You're going to have lots of fun and come back with stories and photo's to share with us. :)

  9. Sounds like you have a very special day ahead. Enjoy your time together.


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