Thursday, March 17, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

From time to time I’ve shared photos of my son. The son who makes my heart sing – the son who was a precious gift from the Father above (and still is!) I don’t think it’s possible that a mom could more proud of her son than I am of mine. Watching him grow from birth to manhood has brought such joy to my heart. Now watching him be a father to his own children gives cause for pride. To see his love for them and his commitment to spend time with them and watch as he trains them to grow up to be young men who love and serve God often brings tears to my eyes.

I’ve shared photos of my son before. Photos taken during family times and on holidays and photos he sent from afar. This is one of my favorites.

Jeremy and Boys

It was taken about three years ago. Of course the boys have grown and changed. The little guy, Mr. H., is past three now. He is quite a busy boy. A few days ago he decided to draw a portrait of his father. Mr. J. sent the work of art in an email. He wrote:

‘H. wanted to draw a picture of me,
so I had to stand while he was drawing
and this is the portrait he made.’

I couldn’t wait to share it with you – don’t think it looks just like my son?

Hudson's Photo

(I wonder if my son got colored contacts since I last saw him. I don’t remember his eyes being blue and orange! It seems to remind me of a portrait Mr. H’s daddy drew of his own father quite a few years ago. Or was it just yesterday?)


  1. They grow so fast! I love the drawing. Makes me miss all the grandchildren and daughters. Im so looking forward to May when i will travel to see them.
    Your son and grandsons are a handsome lot! You are surely a blessed mom and grandmom.
    What a treasured pciture.

  2. Children grow up soo fast. Love the picture ~ it's a keeper. Happy Friday ;-)

  3. It probably was just yesterday, in our hearts. Precious!!

  4. Everyone of those faces is gorgeous. I have a son and grandson, too. I am well familiar with that love you feel.

    Thank you for sharing, Adrienne.♥

  5. I love it! :) What a treasure that is - and I know his Daddy loved it too. blessings, marlene

  6. Oh I love this...I have little notes and pictures from my grandbabies that I treasure!
    Your header photo is AMAZING!

  7. Oh, yes, it WAS just yesterday. :))

  8. What a beautiful family, Adrienne. Cute, cute drawing too.

  9. Prescious, the drawing and the photo.


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