Tuesday, May 24, 2011

While She’s Sleeping

Shhhh. . .I have to be very quiet.  My mommy is sleeping and I have been sleeping a lot, too.  Everything is very different at our house now and my mommy isn’t busy anymore!  I don’t really understand it but I know something changed.  And even my daddy is at home.  That’s pretty special.  I love having both of them home at the same time and I love it when one of them sits down or lays on the sofa so I can snuggle next to them.  And sleep!

Two days ago my mommy told me she was going away for awhile yesterday and she would come home again before bedtime.  And, you know what?  She did!  I almost wagged my tail off when I saw her!  She told me things would be different for awhile.  I didn’t know what she meant but I listened very carefully – and I’m trying to be a very good boy so I don’t disturb her!  I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I know something isn’t normal.  When she came home late yesterday afternoon she had a funny thing on her left arm – I think she said it’s a sling.  Or something like that.  I was so happy to see her again.  I wanted her to pick me up and when she told me she couldn’t do that I knew she felt bad about it, too.  I like to sit near her and wait for her tell me to jump up on her chair or the sofa beside her.    I could hardly believe my ears when she asked me to write to you on her blog!  She knows I can handle it.

Late last night my daddy sat down at the computer and sent an email to a whole bunch of friends.  He told me I could copy it so you would know more about what happened to my mommy yesterday.  This is what he told our friends.
Just a note to update you on Adrienne’s shoulder surgery today.  But first, let me thank you for your prayers on her behalf.  The Lord’s presence was certainly with us today.
We arrived at Providence Milwaukie Hospital at 8 AM for pre op preparation.   At 10:15 she was wheeled into surgery.  One hour and five minutes later the Dr. came out to the waiting room to tell me that all went fine.  Two large bone spurs had been removed.  After a few hours of recuperation in the hospital, I brought her home where she is resting comfortably.  Her voice  is raspy from the breathing tubes, so she must limit her talking for the time being.  Her pain is controlled with the nerve blocking shot she received in the hospital.  She has started a regimen of pain meds as the shot will wear off by tomorrow.
Again, thanks for your prayers.
God is Good,
Mommy’s Sweetheart
(He didn’t sign it that way – I did because that's what my mommy calls him.)
Some things have changed since Daddy wrote that email.  I’ll try to tell you what I heard them say when they were talking this morning.  Mommy is resting comfortably.  She had trouble sleeping last night because she slept so much during the day.  I snuggled next to her for awhile but she kept moving around and getting up so I decided to move somewhere else where I could sleep without being disturbed.  Early this morning I found her sound asleep on the sofa in the living room and I woke her up.  My daddy said it was time for her to wake up and take a pain pill so I had to do it!  Even though I wanted to let her sleep.
The shot they gave to make her arm numb has worn off (I don’t understand that – I thought things that are worn are tattered and look old but she looks pretty good!)  She has been up walking around and doing a few things by herself.  My daddy fixed her a nice breakfast and she liked it a lot.  I heard her tell Daddy ‘thank you’ and she said it was very good. 
I’m so glad my mommy is home again.  She is resting and taking it easy.  She told me we will be able to do all kinds of things again.  I like that.  I love to do things with her.
I think I’d better go lie down – it’s time for me to rest!
P.S. - My mommy looks so pretty!  My daddy bought her some new tops that zip or snap up the front so she can get into them easier than some of her other clothes.  She has a new purple top on today.  It has a shiny butterfly near her heart.  I don't know what she means but she told me it adds just a bit of 'bling'!  Oh, I have so much to learn!


  1. Dear Joey,
    Thank you for the update on your mom....I KNOW exactly what she is going through. Send her my love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    And can you let her know that today, 5 months after my rotator cuff surgery, the doctor released me from his care entirely and I can do anything I want!!

  2. joey's such a good boy!
    so is your sweetheart.
    you're sweet too, ad.
    praying for you . . .

  3. Joey! You gave a wonderful and thorough report. Even down to the fashion of the day. I'm impressed.

    Adrienne, Glad you came through surgery well. Sounds like you are being well taken care of and that things are going as well as they can. Hopefully you can sleep better this evening.

    Becky K.

  4. Heal quickly! I'm glad everything went well with your surgery!

  5. Such a sweet way to tell us that the surgery went well. Hope that you feel totally well soon. Take care.

  6. I am so glad you are doing well Adrienne, I will continue to pray that you heal quickly:>)

  7. So glad the surgery went well and that you are home and resting with all you loved ones! Just got in from another very busy day and am headed up to bed early to stay off a migraine hopefully but wanted to let you know ........

    oops- as I was writing you a wasp got me and I had to run out and put mud on my foot-ok- back now!

    Anyways wanted you to know we are praying for your speedy recovery!

    bee blessed

  8. Joey, thank you for the post. I've been praying for Adrienne and was eager to hear how she was post surgery. Continuing to pray for good healing with minimum discomfort. Hugs for all.

  9. Joey....first of all you did such a good job. You keep taking care of mommy...and remember always....a little bit of bling can help just about anything!!

  10. Thank you for the update on your mommy. I can see that you love her very much. Please give her a big kiss, but try not to drool on her.

    Let her know that I am holding her close in my heart and prayers.

  11. Awwwwww Joey you're soooo adorable!! I can see that you love your mommy very much and are taking good care of her! Who wouldn't feel better after looking at that sweet little face?! *winks* And your daddy was awfully sweet too buying your mommy some new tops and with bling no less! Vanna

  12. Thank you so much for that wonderful report, Joey! You packed in a lot of detail in this post! Thank goodness your mommy is doing well and resting. She is so lucky to have you and your daddy (aka, mommy's sweetheart) to take care of her while she is on the mend!

  13. You're such a sweetie! I hope you're mommy feels better soon!

  14. Hi Adrienne - I hope you recover quickly from your surgery. It sounds like you are being well taken care of. Hope you have an enjoyable and comfortable holiday weekend.

  15. Joey wrote a very nice post. I loved it. I hope you are recovering well and soon back to your busy self. In the meantime, enjoy the down time cuddling with Joey.

  16. Aw, bless his little heart, he is so cute. I'm glad you are resting well, Adrienne. Your husband is wonderful. Hug s~


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