Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Again

IMG_3712I’ve been sitting here – at home again – enjoying the cool morning breeze coming through open windows and the scent of lavender laundry detergent as the sheets from my bed slowly agitate and become infused with the scent I love.  Through the morning I have picked up little things – reminders that special people were here in our absence.  A little sock from our baby granddaughter.  Forgotten – or taken off on purpose?  Hair accessories that certainly must belong to a growing granddaughter.  Signs of bubbles blown in the backyard.  A note from our dear daughter, thanking us for giving her and her four sweet kids a bit of vacation while we were away.  It’s a note that thrills my heart with the gratitude in her words and the love I read there.  The love in my heart for her spills a bit from my eyes as I realize that this place that I call home also feels like home to her.  Bringing her children here for a few days brought respite from daily life for a bit.  I am thankful that this place that is a gift from God to us and a blessing to our lives has once again blessed someone else.  This time, those dearest to our hearts.

During my time away I spent many hours reading and devouring a book I bought just before our vacation.  I couldn’t put it down.  The Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin spoke to my heart.  God had already been speaking to me about opening my home and my heart to more people.  He spoke to me in the places of my reluctance!  Sandy’s words were just what I needed – at times I was sure she was reading my mind.  I came home excited and ready to open the door of my home more than ever before.  Ready to welcome and share our home more with friends new and old. Today I realized it already began while I was away!  In ways I never dreamed, my door opened and my dear ones came in – they were the first.  And they found rest and blessings here.

Thank you, God, for the gift you have given me.  My home.  Not really mine - it is Yours!  Use it to touch those You choose.  Help me always hold the door open wide to the dear ones You send my way.  Let my home be a blessing.  A refuge from the storm.  A place of rest and joy!  A place where Your presence brings peace to all who enter!


  1. One of the best things about traveling is coming back HOME! There is such a feeling of gratitude for it as soon as you walk through the door! Welcome home, sweetie, and thanks for the birthday wishes. We're soon heading out for our grand Alaskan adventure.

  2. So glad to have you back! Congrats on 100 followers too! :)
    The new Goodwill superstore is on 122nd by Halsey. We must have a thrifting date!

  3. As much as we enjoy meandering it is always so good to round the curve and see home.:-)

  4. What a lovely thought about your home. I love that concept.

  5. It's nice to go away but always better to come back home! Welcome home!

  6. The Reluctant Entertainer sounds like it spok to your heart. I just may have to find that one. We, once again, have an extra house guest. This time a friend of our son's - a 19 year old, very polite boy who grew up in foster care and right now is trying to figure out where he belongs in the world. We reluctantly agreed to let him stay for a bit, but I know the Lord has placed him here for many reasons, and he is such a delightful young man. We've had so many long term house guests in the last few years that it has been difficult to open our home once again. I really needed this post today! Thank you!!

  7. Glad you had a good time and your daughter and family.
    A word of encouragement. Having run an open home for decades (about 670 entries in our guest book) you will not only be offering and giving to others but you will be amazed at the things you gain.

    Even the difficult ones will leave something behind that you can learn from. Blessings.

  8. I am so bad about this...it is very hard for me to have people over...your words interest me...I should read this book:)


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