Monday, November 19, 2012

By The Sea

A few days ago my sweetheart and I decided to run away for the day.  It didn’t take us long to figure out where we wanted to go - we headed to the Oregon Coast.  As we talked about our day trip we knew we wanted to see a different part of the coast than we’ve seen for quite some time – and it was such fun!  We headed to a sweet, little town where we had lunch overlooking the waves.  A leisurely drive around that town seemed in order since the rain cut short our walk on the beach.  Along the way we found some sweet cottages that made my heart long for a beach cottage of my own.

If I had a home at the beach I wouldn’t need a sign above the door to remind me where I am!
I would love to have a home where every room has a view of the sea. . .PB165019
And weathered wood siding with white trim.PB165085
It could have a with a big porch – and lots of gingerbread!PB165112
And lots of room for good books and places to sit by the fire and chat with friends.PB165126
Or, it could be blue and white with porches and shutters and trees that seem to hide it away from passersby.
PB165134Nearby there would be little cottages for folks from far away who come to visit.  Cottages with names - like these.  There’s ‘Comfy’. . .PB165115
And ‘Cozy’. . .PB165113
And ‘Care-Free’!PB165117
It’s just a dream – but dreams do come true, you know.


  1. The home of my dreams is a Cape Cod style beach cottage! :)

  2. Why not rent a cottage for a week?! I love all of the house names!

  3. I'm glad you could get away for a nice day. :) Loved the pictures.

  4. This is a dream I have always had too. What beautiful cottages by the sea.

  5. Day trips are so much fun! Those houses are just lovely. I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. That blue house is so pretty! Earl and I have been trying to get away for the last three months with no luck. It sounds like you had such a great time:>)
    Happy Thanksgiving Adrienne!

  7. What gorgeous houses! What an amazing place to be able to live. I hope they all realize how fortunate they are.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. This looks like Cannon Beach ... one of my favorite places. I will be there in February.



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