Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sleeping On The Job

It’s hard to get good help these days!  What’s a girl to do when the ‘hired help’ is caught sleeping on the job?

Our daughter and her children have temporarily moved into the home of a friend while she gets some things straightened out so she can get into her own place.  Since our guestroom is empty now we decided it was the perfect time to make some changes before we put the furniture in again.  My sweetheart decided to correct the placement of electrical outlets that have always been a problem. Extension cords have been a common item in this room.  While he worked last evening – with the electricity off so he wouldn’t hurt himself – he set up a work lamp powered by a long extension cord to another part of the house that still had power.  Joey decided to investigate and once he discovered that the light was also a great source of heat – it was all over.  No help from him!PA314943It wasn’t long until he was in la-la land – ‘lights out’ - sound asleep.  Nothing seemed to disturb him.  All was well with the world!  Next thing you know he will want me to put the heat lamp in front of his bed!PA314946


  1. Aw, bless his little heart. My cat gets in front of the heating vents too. Praying for your daughter and children to find a place soon. Hugs ~

  2. Some how dogs need no instruction in making themselves comfortable! Joey sure is a cutie!

  3. No doubt, he thinks that you did that especially for him! All he needs now are some doggy goggles, LOL.

  4. joey's so cute.
    and that's his job.
    his real job.
    being cute.

  5. I'm with Joey on this one.
    Oh that would be wonderful in the middle of winter when the skies are grey and it is storming outdoors.

  6. That's me...I love to take a nap right in front of the fireplace. That heater on Joey really makes his fur glow.

  7. Oh he's so cute! He was so cozy he fell asleep!

    Yes, I like to read my Little House books every winter. I save The Long Winter for the coldest day - it's such a quick and easy read.

  8. Oh my, this was my laugh for the evening! Darling, simply darling! Thank you for your prayers for my work situation. I'm feeling much better and a peace about it all. Blessings on you, you are a dear!

  9. So cute! He found a whole bunch of sunbeams all together, for a nice and warm nap!

    Thanks for your visit, I've really slowed down with my blogging, was on a long trip, etc. I didn't do all my fall decorating either and won't since we have no one coming. We have been invited to a friend's house for dinner!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. Joey reminds me so much of Jesse Adrienne!! He sits in front of the fire just soaking in all that heat!

    Fun that you are finally getting to do some fun with that room!! Wish I could come help you- that would be so fun.

    Give each other a hug from us! And your mom too!

    bee blessed


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