Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Journey Continues

Williams CraftThere's more activity happening on Miss Daffodil’s blog.  Her journey continues.  There have been big changes!  We’re working hard to make her road-ready.  She has plans to rendezvous with other vintage trailers this Fall at a place a ways south of here.  Stop by and see what’s happening at Daffodil’s Journey.


  1. If you've not seen the Pink PolkaDot camper, go here

    It's adorable....

  2. Wow. Miss Daffodil is really coming along...she is so cute! When do you think she will be taking her first outing?

  3. Arlington, that brings back memories. The two USA plates in my garden quirky corner were given to us by a friend we were visiting in Arlington. He owned a car sales room.


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