Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grandma's Questions

I'm home again from a few days with our son's three young boys. I had a great time with the boys and I enjoyed special moments with each of them. It's such a joy to have grandchildren who are learning to be part of the world in which they live and know how to behave (well most of the time!). Remember, Grandma, they are boys! I would do it all over again in a minute. With no hesitation. Spending time with these boys is such a privilege and I know time will go fast and it won't be long before they are grown up with children of their own. But I do have some questions. I don't know what happened - I don't remember some things being this way when my children were young.

1. Are boys busier and faster now than when our son was their age?

2. And - even though little Mr. H. is built exactly like his daddy - did someone fill him with concrete? I don't ever remember his daddy being so hard to lift.

3. Why does it seem like I worked harder keeping up with them than with my kids when they were young?

4. Do they make stairs steeper and harder to climb than they used to? Especially while carrying a toddler?

5. Was I always tired at the end of the day? And did I always have a sense of relief when they were all asleep in bed and the house was quiet? Did I have a feeling of satisfaction that we had made it through another day?

6. Were there so many things calling for my attention while fixing meals back then?

8. Did my two kids have so many questions and observations of life? And such wisdom?

9. Did I lie awake at night listening for a little one who didn't feel well? Or sleep with my ears always 'turned on' and listening?

10. Did it used to be so hard to get somewhere on time? Was it this difficult to get kids to school, dropped off at the babysitter and arrive on time for an appointment?

Something changed! I'm not sure what it was. Could it be me? I don't really understand what happened but it seems this ol' gray mare Grandma ain't what she used to be! Would I do it again? You bet! No chance I'd say no.

This grandma was too busy to take many pictures. These two are the only ones I got - Mr. H. playing peek-a-boo and taking a breath. Just one breath and then he was off again.


  1. What a cutie! I know, it must be something in those prenatal vitamins that are making our grandkids solid/er these days. LOL

    I love spending time with my grandkids too, It really does have it's way of keeping you younger!


  2. lol, he is darling, Adrienne. I'm sure you had your hands full! I'll bet they are probably busier now with all the technology we have. It is harder on us Grandmas I would say, but still fun. It's a good thing you had a nice rest before going over. :o)

  3. Yes dear Adrienne, that's exactly how it've forgotten I think and well, as a mom, you were just doing your "job". xo rachel

    P.S. I did love reading your questions though, and those boys are adorable.

  4. What a cutie pie! Sounds like a fun time!


  5. Oh my goodness - those sweet feet and cheeks! I can only imagine how quick and playful this little guy is...I'm praying for energy...for YOU! hehe.

    I think we can all agree that when we were younger we were stronger and had lots more energy. Ohhhh those were the days, my friend. :o)

  6. Beautiful grandchildren.

    I can add to that list of which I fully identify.

    Did I love my own children so much that it hurt and feel overwhelmed and blessed to just see their face or hear them speak.

    I am sure I did but was not as aware of it as I am this time around I don't think. Propbably too busy and taken up with day to day care.

    You are blessed to have had this opportunity as I know you know.

    Blessings and thanks for your comments.

  7. He's a little doll! I know exactly what you mean about all those questions, I wonder that too when I'm around our little ones! We find out why God has mothers have their babies when they are YOUNG!!


  8. Adrienne

    What cuties! At 46, I have an 8 year old and on the other end 20 year old..I can say that I do not have as much energgy as I did when my 20 year old was 8 but I make sure I try 2x as hard! And I know t your little ones appreciate all you do!

  9. Oh the joys of being a grandma...

    And, we sure know why God gave us our children while we were young!!

  10. Oh Adrienne! those are some beautiful little boys:>) As for it being harder to keep up with them? That's why you're the grandma and you get to give them back when you get tired!

  11. Nothing could be more fun...or more tiring...than taking care of grandchildren. Treasure every moment because you'll turn around and they'll be too big to pick up at all! blessings, marlene


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