Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Key

Several weeks ago, in anticipation of the arrival of my new, little vintage trailer, I ordered something special from etsy.com.  Every trailer has a lock.  And locks need keys.  And keys need key rings – so they don’t get lost.  Having a key ring is a good thing but, hey, who wants just any old key ring?  Not me!  I wanted something special.  Something that would shout at me: ‘Here are your trailer keys, ma’am!’  A talented lady has an Etsy shop filled with key rings and earrings all about vintage trailers.  (She makes other things, too.) You can visit her shop here.  Look at these cute, little teardrop trailer earrings.
Vintage Trailer Earrings
These necklaces caught my eye.  Aren’t they sweet?  See the little yellow trailer?Vintage Trailer Necklaces
These little trailers all have ‘wings’ on them (at the top on the back).  My trailer is a style that doesn’t have wings so I emailed Joy and asked if she could make a key ring without wings.  She quickly responded to tell  me she could do that, so I ordered them right away.  A few hours after I sent my order she let me know that my order was ready! And she sent a picture so I could see it.  I could hardly believe her fast service.  My order was in the mail the next day and arrived a couple of days after that.  I could hardly wait to show you! See what I got for my trailer keys?  It even has a bottle opener.  And I got some earrings to match!
Etsy Order - Vintage TrailerOne of these days we will repaint Daffodil – we’ll give her a facelift, of sorts – and she will look much like the little trailer on her key ring.  Someday Daffodil and I will be ready to go on an outing together.  When we do she will be showing off her new colors and I’ll be wearing my new earrings.  And I’ll tell you all about it!

(Caution: don’t go near etsy.com unless you are prepared to become addicted.  Consider yourself warned!)


  1. How sweet! You are going to look so cute traveling along in your earrings with your yellow trailer in tow. When you stop, your keys will match your adornment and there will be no question which lady belongs to Daffodil! Now all you need is a clip for your purse, so you can secure your keys when not in use, and have them be on the outside of your purse for all to see instead of hidden inside.

  2. Those are too stinkin' cute! & I dare to say you will look so tra-chic in your new jewelry!

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  3. How fun! Love seeing the key ring and earrings, just perfect.

  4. How cute is that! What fun you're going to have. :) blessings, marlene

  5. So cute...I am so happy for you and this new adventure!

  6. Hi Adrienne! OH, these are the cutest earrings and key chain! I've never seen anything like them before and the Etsy lady is good, isn't she? I'm so happy for you and sense your joyness all over the place!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. SO cute! And so special that she made a custom design to match your sweet daffodil trailer:>)


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