Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Last Minute Find

Have you ever decided – at the last minute – to go back and look again?  And when you did, you found just the perfect thing?  Something that made your heart sing?  It has happened to me more than once – and it happened again just a few days ago.

Last week my sweetheart, my dear, little mother and I were in a Goodwill not too far from home.  We stopped there on our way home from lunch out together.  We had pretty much finished browsing and shopping when I realized I had not looked at anything on the back wall of the store.  The linens, bedding, curtains and things like that are on rods mounted to the back wall.  I didn’t really think I needed to look there but, as is the case most of the time, I was afraid I might miss something.  And this time I was right!

My eyes scanned the colors and patterns of everything hanging there.  I looked ahead and saw something that caught my eye.  I may never know why, but it did.  Except now I know it was meant for me!  It was an afghan – a beautiful, heavy afghan with a hand-woven look – new, just out of the package.  I could tell from the fold lines that were still very fresh.  And the tags that were still attached. Something was embroidered in one corner and when I saw it I knew the reason I felt the need to go back and look.  This is what I saw:
Afghan 2
I could hardly believe it!  I was planning to put an afghan in my little trailer.  My little trailer named Daffodil.  Here it was.  Right in front of me.  And such a good price.  I couldn’t leave it there – I had to bring it home!  And I did!

A few days later I found the yellow quilt I had hoped to add to my trailer.  On clearance.  Here’s a sneak peek of the quilt with my new afghan on top.  Don’t they look good together?
Afghan and Quilt
Do you see a theme happening here?  Flowers.  Daffodils.  A garden.  A garden filled with kindness.  That’s what I want for my little, vintage trailer – to be a place of kindness and grace.  A place of retreat and rest.  She will – and I know she will bring a harvest of love.


  1. Oh Adrienne! What a beautiful find for your daffodil trailer, and it looks beautiful with your sunshiney quilt. I just know the trailer is going to be beautiful when you have her fixed up:>)

  2. The afghan and quilt are both fabulous. Don't you just love it when the perfect treasures just jump out at you. You couldn't have ever hoped for anything more perfect. Hugs, Marty

  3. I can't believe it...I bet you about jumped up and about meant to be!!!! Where did you get the yellow quilt?

  4. Perfect!!!! I just love it all so much. And I love the new header too!

  5. I am so happy for you. I just know you will continue to find adorable things for Daffodil!!

  6. What a wonderful find and oh so perfect for your trailer :)

  7. What an amazing find!!! It is so perfect.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and meant just for you! I love your header photo. It's just beautiful~

  9. Wow, Adrienne. I love these pieces, and they look beautiful together. What a great find for you.

  10. I think it is so neat how things have come together around your daffodil theme. That afghan is just perfect!

  11. What a perfect pair you have found for your little Daffodil trailer! Beautiful! I'm excited about your Daffodil and will go to her blog soon! I'm very behind with browsing my friends blogs and with my own blogging!



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