Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Special Place

I am thrilled to introduce you to a new place to visit in blog land.  A special place!  A place where you can read the story of my little vintage trailer - Daffodil.  She has a blog.  Her own blog.  Stop by Daffodil’s Journey to follow her adventures in words and photos.  Share the journey she has begun to take from life as a little bud all the way to full bloom.  And beyond.  You will see her before – during – and after the transformation.  She’s waiting to meet you and hopes you will stop by soon.


  1. Such fun ~ I'm doing it too ;-) I'm over there

  2. I will love following Daffodil's Journey...thank you! I have also added you to my blog site as one of "My Inspiration" sites I follow. I am so thankful God lead me to your site. I have been reading it every morning. You also bring back into my life some of my childhood...I was born in Portland, Oregon and my parents (whom I miss every day) described all of the places you mention and in your pictures. You are a gift to me. Take care. Lynn

  3. Just read how you got the trailer. How wonderful.

    Forgot to say that the black writing at the end of your (using the best now) post is so small it is unreadable.

  4. I love the name and the idea! Haha, the daffodil is my favorite flower too! I'll zip over there and check it out!

  5. Great idea Adrienne! I am going to enjoy seeing daffodil get spiffed up so much!


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