Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good Reading Find

By now you know that I love books! Good books, inspiring books, books of beauty and grace. A recent thrifting find now lies on my coffee table and gives reason for quiet moments "lost" in the garden of my dreams.
"A garden is the purest of human pleasures.
It is the greatest refreshment to the spirit. "
~ Francis Bacon, English poet~

"Who loves a garden

Finds within his soul

Life's whole;

He hears the anthem of the soil

While ingrates toil;

And sees beyond his little sphere

The waving fronds of heaven, clear".

~Louise Seymour Jones~

Art by Charles Robinson,
"Woman Cutting Roses"
"Woman Working in a Country Garden"
"Woman Working in an Idyllic Cottage Garden"
And art by Beatrice Parsons
The Lover of Gardens
compiled by Gail Harvey
Design by Liz Travato
published by Gramercy Books
copyright 1933 (1993 edition)
This book is a collection of lovely insights in prose and poetry, about gardens and gardening. Reflections by Thomas Jefferson and Joseph Addison and charming excerpts from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett are among the writings included in this wonderful book. It is illustrated with exquisite paintings and drawings and it celebrates the beauty and the miracle of making something grow. "It will surely delight every lover of gardens". ~Liz Trovato


  1. What a lovely book, Adrienne...

  2. What charming illustrations! Looks like a lovely book to have.



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