Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Park

Our town used to be a small town - the hub of a prosperous farming community. Now our town is a suburb of Portland and we are growing faster than most of us who have been here for very many years can comprehend. Even though our town is in a constant state of change and growth, there are many things that remain the same. In the center of our town is a beautiful park that fills an entire block. In the park you will find --

A place to sit,

A place to play,

A path for a leisurely walk,

A beautiful gazebo,
Beautiful flowers,
And old-fashioned lamp posts.
The park looks like this today but tomorrow it will be totally different. It be transformed into the most amazing center of activity for our annual 4th of July celebration. Crowds will gather, food and craft booths and displays will encircle the park, music will be played, friends will meet, and families will celebrate.
The gazebo will be at the center of it all. Bands will play here, dignitaries will speak here, songs will be sung here, cakewalks will happen here and a wonderful parade will begin right here. There will be no end of festivities as people gather from far and near at the park.
All through the year the park and the gazebo are filled with fun and celebrations -- weddings, concerts, speakers, Christmas celebrations (Santa!) -- but there is nothing so spectacular as 4th of July at the park. If you could join me tomorrow at the park you would think you had stepped back in time to enjoy our old-fashioned, "small town America" celebration at the park. I wish you were here!

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