Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cottage Welcome

My dear little mother lives in a darling little cottage home that my dad built for us many years ago when I was in high school. She is a very special lady and always has a knack for decorating her home just right. The holidays are no exception. Her door is always open to welcome you into her heart and her home. Once you visit you will want to return - she is gifted in the art of hospitality. Join me as we stop by to visit. You're in for a treat!Before you get to the front door you can't help but feel welcome here. The porch is always filled with things to see. Sometime each Christmas season a special wreath 'appears' on the wall of the porch. It is a gift from a dear friend and former neighbor of many years. Handmade especially for my dear little mother - a labor of love. Something to look forward to each year.Nearby you will see a wooden Christmas stocking that greets you with Christmas wishes. . .Birds of a feather, flocking together. . . An old wooden milk delivery box and a basket of fresh greens. . .A happy little snowman on his sled. . .An old, pot-bellied stove. . .
Where a welcome awaits.
An antique coal scuttle filled with evergreen boughs sits near a little cast iron dutch oven my father bought for his mother when he was a boy. In the summertime it hangs on the porch, filled with pretty flowers.On the door another wreath brings anticipation of the warm welcome that awaits when you step inside.Don't hesitate to knock or press the doorbell. You won't be sorry - you will be glad you stopped by to visit my dear little mother in her Christmas Cottage home.


  1. I love all the coziness of Christmas in your shared post surrounding your Mother's quaint cottage. And of course, I would have to say the birds of a feather are my favorite.

    Such a pleasure to meet you, Adrienne.

  2. What a lovely little cottage. i hope you will tell your mother how much we appreciate her sharing it with us:>)

  3. Adrienne,
    that was a very sweet tribute to your sweet mother...
    she must be very proud of you... I can tell that you are very proud of her...
    Merry Christmas

  4. Her home does look very welcoming. I love the color of her home and all the decorations.

  5. Homey, love it. It kinda give you that warmth all over.



  6. How wonderful Adrienne!Loved the images of your mother's home.Big grin.Does she live in the Willamette Valley too?Great post here...
    Love~Sharon from Stayton

  7. That cottage is the sweetest, coziest thing I have ever seen! It would be just heaven to live in such a darling place.


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