Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inside The Christmas Cottage

Thank you for your sweet comments about my dear little mother's cottage home. She is a special lady and, yes, I am very proud of her! The feelings are mutual - we are very close. Mother and daughter. Close friends. I am blessed! Her wonderful home is just six blocks from ours, an easy walk on a nice day. We are truly blessed to be close to each other. Please join me for a look inside my dear mother's Christmas Cottage. As soon as you step through the door you may feel you have stepped back in time and I'm sure you will enjoy the cozy atmosphere she has created for the holidays. There are stories to share about each treasure but we don't have time to tell all of them today. In front of the fireplace you can't miss the dear little creatures who gather there each year to join in the fun. Jocko, the monkey, always claims the spot in the little red wagon and he must have a book to read. My dear mother made Jocko when I was a little girl and, oh, the adventures he has had and the tales he could tell! The 'Patsy' doll belonged to my dear mother when she was young. Patsy was a gift to me one Christmas many years ago, along with carefully handmade clothes that led to hours and hours of playtime. A few years ago I 'gifted' her back to my dear little mother so she could enjoy her once again.On the bookcase next to the fireplace old-fashioned Christmas treasures, collected over time, grace my dear mother's home during the holidays.Nearby a beautiful mirror has been decorated for the season.On the other side of the fireplace an antique 'commode' shows more signs of the season.Two buddies sit on an old chair (a family heirloom) where they enjoy all the activity around them.Across from Drummer Boy and Mr. Bear a Christmas Cat and drums share the corner near the dining room.More holiday decorations on and above a pretty lamp table.

If you peek across the hall into the bathroom you will find a touch of Christmas spirit there, too. On a little shelf at the end of the counter. . .

And on the back of the 'potty' Christmas accents add to the usual decor of the room.

When you step into the dining room you will see that the Christmas Cottage decorator didn't miss anything in here, either.

Closer to the table you can enjoy each piece that was lovingly placed there.

The top of a little antique china hutch wasn't overlooked.

My grandfather's old library case is filled with some of my dear mother's cobalt blue glass collection.

Near the corner of the dining room this cute old toy phone rests on the bottom shelf of an old table that holds her modern-day phone. My dear mother saw this in an antique shop a few years ago. She loved it but didn't want to pay the asking price. A few days later I went back to the shop and negotiated a better price. I wrapped it and put it under her Christmas tree. She was surprised - and happy to receive it.Peek into the kitchen and you can see this pretty centerpiece on the little kitchen table where many wonderful meals are shared with family and friends.I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Christmas Cottage. Oh, wait! There's my dear little mother. She is glad you stopped by today. If you are ever in our town she would love to show you all of her treasures and tell you the stories behind them. You will find a welcome here no matter what time of year you arrive.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your dear mothers home. It was wonderful! A Merry Christmas to both of you:>)

  2. Merry Christmas! I loved the visit. Your Mother has such a cozy little home....what a special treat you posted for us. I can see you have inherited the same knack for decorating your home.
    Isn't it wonderful to share a mother/daughter love and be so close?
    We lived only four miles from my Mother for 22 years, and I miss not being able to "drop by". However, I am so thankful for phones and the freedom to call often!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. I just loved the tour of your sweet mothers cozy little cottage...
    she has it fixed so festive for the Holidays...
    thanks Adrienne for the tour...
    Merry Christmas to you and your mom.

  4. What a lovely little Christmas cottage. Your Mom looks like such a sweetheart! You are so blessed to have her.

  5. I think I like the two buddies sitting in the chair and the toy phone the best. Cute cottage.

  6. Adrienne, what a beautiful, young looking mom you have there. Thanks for the lovely cottage tour. So homey and warm.

    Also, I've "TAGGED" you. Check my blog for details.



  7. Everything is so beautiful and neat and tidy. Thanks so much for sharing these holiday treasures with us!

  8. A precious home!!! Thank you so much for opening the doors for such a thoughtful tour! Cozy, warm and inviting. I love the blue phone!!! I have a little red one I bought on eBay last year.



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