Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Past

I had great plans - I really did! This year I was going to be READY for the holiday season. Gifts purchased in advance. Decorations planned and up early. Schedule a little more relaxed than in some years. But that didn't happen. Because of the events of the last few months in our family and all that is involved with being executor of an estate, plus falling on my knee in the driveway last month, has changed everything. The decorations just came down from the attic last evening. Today is the day I teach piano lessons so there isn't much time to get anything else accomplished. Just be ready to smile, listen and love being with the kids - each one - as they arrive and we work together to make beautiful music and have fun with it. That's enough, it's OK, it's what I love. In the meantime there are no pictures to show you my decorations. It will come, I promise. So - for now - a couple of pictures from Christmases past to enjoy. (It won't be exactly the same this year. That much I know for sure.)


  1. Oooh, I love the way you decorated your light fixture. I am sure you will get around to getting your decorations up. How is your knee?

  2. you are entitled to take a year off.. in the decoration department... my decorations are more scarce this year... I am putting up my village scene and a small tree with some of my specialty things around the living room ... but no big tree... and no lights outside ...
    so does that mean that I also am entitled to take a year off in the decoration department? I hope so.. my husband said that the day after Christmas it will not matter anyway.. ha

  3. Don't stress over your holiday decor. I'm sure whatever and whenever you put out will be beautiful. I love your Christmas past pictures.
    Take care.

  4. My boxes have been down from the attic and everything is still in them. I'm determined not to be pressured and do it all. I'm sorry to hear about your knee, Adrienne. I've been out of touch and missed that! So lets both agree to enjoy the important things the Savior has put before us and not get on the do it all bandwagon.


  5. So beautiful....I am here from Lallee's....


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