Monday, January 7, 2008

About Sharing

Sometimes it's just not nice to share what you have. My sweetheart is a wonderful man and he feels so bad that he shared a horrible case of the flu with me. He feels even worse that it hit me harder than him! When my mother and her sister were young they made up a name for stuff like this. I have 'the grobis-macrobis!' I'll be back when I can hold my head up for more than a few minutes without the world spinning around me.


  1. take care of yourself my friend...
    I am just getting over this crud... and it makes you feel awful for at least 5 days!!
    praying for you to feel better soon!!

  2. i'm praying you'll be comforted in your illness and that the illness would be short-lived, dear friend.


  3. Get some rest and I hope you'll be good as new soon.
    Hugs,chicken soup, hot tea,

  4. Oh, my goodness, I pray you will be well soon. That old flu is so horrible.


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