Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Kitty In The Window

Around our house my sweetheart and I like to think we are in charge but we know the truth. It's really Miss Savannah! She captured my heart one day as a friend and I walked past the window of a kitty rescue shelter. She was curled up asleep in a wicker basket in the window. She was exactly the kind of kitty I had hoped to find. I tapped lightly on the window. She woke up and came close to see what I was doing. I ran my fingers up and down the glass and she stood tall on her hind legs and tried to 'catch' my fingers through the glass. Time seemed to stand still and we played together longer than I realized. I didn't know how mezmerized she and I were with each other until my friend said, "You two are dancing through the window!" And we were! My friend and I continued on to our destination. Later, when I could think and talk of nothing else besides the kitty in the window, my friend urged me to go back and 'meet' her and learn more about her. I did - and the rest is history. She came home with me and we have been best friends ever since. She has a sweet personality but there's no doubt who is the boss around here. She spends much of her day napping or laying in the sun (when we have sun!). We never know where we will find her around the house. Perhaps in the very chair we want to sit in. . .Taking a lazy bath in the sun. . .Or on top of the pillows on our bed.Go away, I'm trying to sleep!OK, I give up - you win! What do you want?It's so nice to have a warm, snuggly friend around the house.


  1. What a beautiful friend you have. I love mine so much.

  2. It's amazing how quickly our four legged furry friends can steal our hearts with just a look, a touch or a kiss. Before we know it, we are theirs for a lifetime!


  3. She's adorable! I am a crazy cat woman and proud of it :-)

  4. Your Savannah is not only beautiful but rare indeed. I've hear that usually the tuxedo cats are male. Of course I heard that about yellow/orange cats too, and yet I met one that was female.

    Your photographing skills are immeasurable!


  5. What a beautiful friend in your lovely photos! Thanks for entering our giveaway!

    kari & kijsa

  6. What a pretty kitty! I have a black and white, too--except she doesn't have that awesome black fur around her nose.
    Yep, the pets are in charge here, too! There's no competition--it's only 7 humans against 2 cats, 2 ferrets and a dog!

  7. Oh my,my,my...Remove all of Savannah's white spots and you have our little boy Shadow.:-)We got him in March of 2007 at a Cat and Kitten rescue in Silverton,OR.He has been nothing but a joy since we got him.I love nothing more than when he comes to me in the night for a chin scratch and then promptly falls asleep on my left hip.LOL...Thanks so much for sharing your lovely Savannah with us~Sharon in Salem thing that made us choose Shadow was his incessant purring while we looked at all the other cats...he's still a purr-ball...LOL

  8. Oh My Goodness! She is just adorable!! I can see how you had to bring her home....

  9. lol, What a sweet story and pretty little blessed kitty!

  10. Sweet Adrienne...this is such a precious kitty. I think both of you are the blessed have found ea. other and enjoy so much together. Fabulous!
    Thank you SO much for showing me how to get my Posting page back on tract. I have no idea why it got all messed up but it surely did. I am not good enuf with a computer to figure problems out. I do so appreciate your help and I told bloggers about it on my morning posting just in case it ever happens to them.......
    hugs, bj

  11. Oh she is sooo sweet! I wish we could have a kitty, but my son is allergic, otherwise we'd have a best friend too.

  12. Hi! Adrienne
    Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you. What a beautiful cat - although I think all cats are beautiful. I donot have an y though since my 2 Siamese died. I have had a quick look at some of your posts. I am always amazed how much folks in the States love collecting old things and we here just long to get rid of them!!
    Sounds like your job is very rewarding.

  13. Forgot to mention the snow. Beautiful especially your header.

  14. What a sweet cat, I am a "cat person" and have two sweet long haired calico sisters. By the way, I love your new header, it's so pretty!

  15. A very sweet friend ... such a cutie!
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  16. What a pretty little kitty-kat! The love at first sight story was so sweet!


  17. Each picture of your kitty is sweeter than the one before, if that's possible! Such a precious lovie you have. I love posts showing pictures of kitties (or puppies), as you well know by the many I've done about the Court Jester. ;o)

  18. Sweet, sweet kitty that Miss Savannah. Her markings are beautiful!!

    Hugs and hugs, Aleta


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