Monday, January 14, 2008

A Special Birthday Wish

Happy birthday to our dear daughter-in-law. We love you dearly, Mrs. K. and we are so thankful God brought you into our family. We can't imagine life without you and the gentle ways you add grace to our lives. You give poise and balance to our lives when things seem unstable and unsteady. Knowing you are there with your love and support means so much to us. You have weathered some pretty tough storms and remained strong. We have seen God at work in you and through you - it is a beautiful thing!

Thank you for loving our son and for making his life complete. You have given us beautiful grandsons - for that we thank you. Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we watch you raise them to know and love Jesus and to be men of strong faith and good character. Your home is a place of joy and refuge - you have made it so. Words cannot express the value of your ministry and special caring touch in the lives of the people around you. We appreciate you! We love you. Thank you for loving us.

Lovingly God gave us
Children of our own
Wanting us to raise them
Till they were on their own.

Somehow with our children grown
And walking out the door
Little did we realize
What more God had in store.

For one day our son found you
And you became his wife
Pledging your devotion
As you started wedded life.

God had also chosen you
Quite certain that you'd be
Another member we would have
Inside our family.

Granted some have daughters-in-law
But this is not our view
For to us you are a daughter
And we thank God for you.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. K.
    you have such a sweet smile I know you are a wonderful and wife, mother, and daughter - in - law...
    blessings to you..


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