Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cupcakes and Muffins and Sandwiches, O My!

You've seen the antique and book stores we visited on our recent trip to the Oregon Coast but I haven't shown you what I found in an antique mall near the beach. Not long ago I shared a bit of my yellow depression glass collection with you. My mission that day at the beach was more to accompany my dear little mother and help her enjoy time antiquing. Way in the back of the big building, from a small vendor stall, I heard my dear mother say, "Oh, you're going to like this!" And she was right! The most wonderful big yellow cake plate. I couldn't leave it there. No, it just had to come home with me. And it did! Isn't it gorgeous? It looks great on a lace tablecloth. . .With the lace pattern showing through.And I just love the little pedestal. Until I decide where to display this new treasure it is at home on my corner hutch.Under the pedestal bowl of the same pattern. I can imagine my new plate filled with gorgeous cupcakes. Maybe some delectable muffins. Or sweet little finger sandwiches. Maybe for tea. Maybe for brunch. Perhaps lunch or a party. No matter what, it certainly will be part of special moments spent with family and friends.


  1. what a beautiful find... it pays to take your dear mother antique hunting with you.. it's those great finds back in the corners... that are the most treasured...

  2. This was very pretty and thanks for the info on the bookstore.

  3. That is so pretty! I love how the glass has such a rich, warm glow to it. I'm glad your mom spotted it for you!

  4. Oh, oh, oh!! I love it!! I haven't seen one of those before - it's gorgeous! Good thing we weren't shopping together, we would have had a tug-of-war!! LOL!


  5. Hi,
    I found you via Yolanda.
    I am a native Portlander, living in Southern California. And living near my beloved Pacific Ocean.
    I enjoyed your post about your Oregon Coast visit. I'll be back...

  6. Hi Adrienne,
    What a beautiful find your mom made for you! My mother didn't like antiques!! She said she didn't want to be reminded of hard times! When my dad passed away, she moved into a small apartment and got all NEW stuff and enjoyed it!

    I was looking at your picture of the old schoolhouse from yesterday's post. I think there must have been a fire escape there. We had a similar escape in my old school. Actually we had 2 sets of these steps but one went to the principal's office upstairs. None of us ever wanted to use tose steps! :o)


  7. PS: If you go here:
    you will see my old school and the fire escape!

  8. Great find. I have never been into much gold, but love that plate. Now go make the cup cakes hehe.

  9. This is a beautiful find...ddon't you just love the little nooks and corners of a great store?
    hugs, bj

  10. Oh how beautiful! I love the way it looks on the lace tablecloth and I love the way you have it displayed in your hutch! I'm always on the lookout for yellow glass for my friend's collection. It's so much harder to find than the more popular amber (gold) glass. So, if you and Katherine and I had been together in that store, there may have been a three way tug-of-war. Somehow, though, I think you would still have won. One look at your dear mother (and I can almost imagine that "now girls, fight nice" look in her eyes) and I know I would have given up!


  11. Have fun painting the baseboards. Ugh...painting is one task I do NOT enjoy, LOL!

  12. What a great find. The plate is beautiful.


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