Friday, February 29, 2008

It's A Small World

I collect miniatures - all kinds of little things. Several years ago I saw a wonderful, old printer's drawer for sale in an antique mall near our home. It was well used, stained and had signs of ink in some sections. It was all I could talk about. I seemed like the perfect home for my miniatures. The price was right and I knew it was just what I needed. We were on a very tight budget so I didn't pursue it farther than in my thoughts. A few weeks later I was in the antique mall again with a friend and I noticed that the old printer's drawer was gone. Someone must have bought it. I told her about it and how much I would love to have had it for my miniature collection. Christmas Day was not long after that and when my sweetheart handed me his gift I was surprised that it was a very large package. Yes, you guessed it! It was the printer's drawer. The one I had so wanted to have. He listened to my description and knew how very much it would mean to me. He secretly went to the antique mall, found it and bought it just for me. A cherished gift that means more than if I had bought it for myself.
At first my collection was very small and there were more empty spots in the old drawer than there were little treasures. Through the years I have added more and family and friends have given me sweet little things to fill the sections. There are only five empty places left. A challenge. Something to look and shop for. Now it hangs on my laundry room wall. Nearly full. Some of the little things are old. Some are new. All have special meaning to me. You will see a little duck made of seashells, a tiny dictionary, a wooden baby buggy, a feedsack of 'grain', two sweet 'rag' dolls and a teeny, tiny glass jar full of chocolate chip cookies.
You will also see a pewter birdnest and little bird, a wooden apple, an 'S' from a printer's typeset (for our last name), a mini church, a tiny card of the sweetest little buttons, a can of Coke and a little brass bell.Nearby you will see a yellow blown-glass fish, two ducklings at play, a teacup, a little stack of books, two lazy frogs and a miniature scale.You might enjoy the blue and white teacups, the ice cream maker, the pewter horse and carriage or the darling little pitcher. I like everything in my printer's drawer but I think my favorite is the little Scottie dog from my childhood dollhouse. He and I spent many hours playing together. He may have been the beginning of my collection. No matter what every time I see this collection of miniature treasures I enjoy each one of them all over again. I think it really is a small world, after all!


  1. This is my first visit and I am SO glad to have found you. You have a wonderful blog. I enjoyed reading about the printer's drawer and your miniatures, and as I was reading older posts I came across the words to Precious Memories. Such wonderful words! I'm also glad you were able to take your mother for some special time at the shore. I lost my mother a few years ago at 94. I will definitely be reading more.

  2. What a special gift from your hubby! I have always liked miniatures! You have some really neat things there! I like your little Scotty dog too, reminds me of our little Dody dog who died last July :-( He was a White Westie (West Highland) We miss him so much.

    My daughter also has a printers box similar to yours! I have always liked hers too.

    P.S. - the bracelet was at the top of the page before the S&T button. I have moved it down, and even added a second photo!

  3. I love all the miniatures...and what wonderful keepsakes to remind you of different occasions...

  4. What a great collection and that is the perfect way to display them.
    And that husband of yours.........well, what a sweetie.

  5. I think the amazing part is that your husband actually "listened" to what you liked and wanted. Now that, to me, is very impressive - no matter what the gift was!!



  6. That is such a neat printer's drawer to hold all your cute miniatures. My daughter has always loved little things. She has many animals.

  7. I love miniatures, too. I love your collection. I used to have a printers' drawer, but somewhere along the way it went missing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  8. Such an interesting and beautiful collection.

  9. I love your collection of miniatures! And the printer's box is perfect! Very lovely!

    Thank you for your comment today on Gracious Hospitality. I'm so glad that you and Gwen have become pen pals. She is a wonderful lady. We have been friends for a very long time. You will enjoy your friendship!



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