Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope each of you have a wonderful day today, celebrating the love in your life. Love of the special people in your life. Love of family. Love of friends. Most of all the love to God for you.

You are very dear to my heart and I wish I could deliver a valentine to you. In person. Since I can't I will share these vintage valentines from the collection my dear little mother saved from my childhood.

We are dining in tonight. As I teach piano lessons this afternoon my crockpot will be simmering away. Working on a special Valentine's Day dinner. We decided to invite my dear little mother to join us this evening. To include her in a special time together. She protested when we gave her this invitation. But we 'won' and convinced her that we want to celebrate love - not just ours. Hers. The love she and my father shared. Most of all the love of Jesus in our lives.

Valentine's Day is particularly difficult for widows. Especially the first year. It is a good time to remind them that love encompasses so much more than just the love of one person. A good time to shower them with our love as friends and family. To make them feel special and to let them reminisce and recall the love of their lives. To remember the blessings and joys of that love. To share it with us. Next year I plan to have a Valentine's luncheon or tea at my home. Just for widow friends. Something special. A nice table. Wonderful menu. Laughter and fun. A time to share their love stories. A special little gift. Most of all the gift of loving them enough to allow them to have a new Valentine's Day memory. And to share their memories with dear ones who will listen and understand.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. Adrienne, You have the most perfect outlook on Valentine's Day. I love that you extend your love to everyone special. I know today, and everyday your life is filled with sweetness and love.

    p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I see we are on the same wave link again today with similar Valentine posts!

    How sweet to invite your mother to join you and your husband for dinner. The invitation was priceless! I love all the Valentines!

    P.S. - You have such a lovely gift of writing, I love the way you put words together!

  3. And a Happy Valentine's Day to YOU too, my sweet friend!

    "Perfect love is rare indeed -
    for to be a lover will require
    that you continually have
    the subtlety of the very wise,
    the flexibility of the child,
    the sensitivity of the artist,
    the understanding of the philosopher,
    the acceptance of the saint,
    the tolerance of the scholar and
    the fortitude of the certain."
    ~Leo Buscaglia~


  4. Oh Adrienne, how sweet you are! wishing you all a wonderfully sweet day!

  5. Happy Valentines Day and love to you. Rhondi xo

  6. Adrienne, what a wonderful way to celebrate this day of love. The little invitation is so special.

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day..and may it be sweet!


  7. Hi, Adrienne, thanks for leaving me a note! So nice to hear that you invited your mother over & what a great idea to do a tea or brunch for widow ladies. That is sweet!


  8. What a wonderful thoughtful thing to do for your mother...
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day...You certainly deserve it!!

  9. How very sweet it is of you to invite your Mother to share Valentine's Day with you! Happy Valentines Day!


  10. Happy Valentine's Day!


  11. Hi Adrienne!
    Just stopping by and catching up with friends today. What a wonderful idea to have a tea for widows! I will have to remember that next year because, you're right, it would be very hard. You and your husband are so sweet to remember others on a special day. God Bless you and your loving heart:>)


  12. such adorable vintage valentines!

    i'm thankful your mother spent the evening with you and your sweetie. how special for her. :o)

  13. I so identify with your sentiments. Thanks for sharing them dear one.


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