Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over The Sunset Mountains

Over the sunset mountains
Someday I'll softly go
Into the arms of Jesus -
He who has loved me so.
Toiling will all be ended,
Shadows will flee away.
Sorrow will be forgotten.
Oh, what a wonderful day!
Over the sunset mountains
Heaven awaits for me.
Over the sunset mountains
Jesus, my Savior, I'll see.

Song: 'Over The Sunset Mountains'
Written by John W. Peterson
My photos: Oregon Cascade Mountains
- Sunset over the The South Sister
- The Three Sisters, Broken Top & Mount Bachelor seen from the air


  1. Lovely words , very inspiring, and beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful Adrienne - that picture of the mountains makes me sigh. We love to camp in Colorado in the fall but with the economy so bad this year we decided to postpone our trip. I've been told there's already 3-5 feet of snow up above Estes Park which is our favorite spot. God does such beautiful work. blessings, marlene

  3. am not familiar with this song, but it looks beautiful! Have a blessed week Adrienne!

  4. Thanks for your comments. I do have a place(room in the carport I store extras. It is a good way to make room for what you use daily.

  5. Very pretty, Adrienne. I don't know that song.

  6. Gorgeous pictures and lovely words!


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