Monday, September 15, 2008

Signs Of Fall

We are having the most fantastic weather here in Oregon! It's warm, clear and sunny. We love it. August weather in September. To make up for the rain in August, perhaps. These days won't last long and we know they will soon be a memory. Everywhere we see signs that Fall is approaching. The big tree near my front door has begun to change her colors. It won't be long before her pretty leaves will cover the ground.

During a recent visit to a little mall in a nearby community we passed by Michael's. I spied some 'fun' scarecrows on display outside and I wanted to take a picture to share them with you. As I took my little, old camera out of my purse I couldn't believe what happened. One more? Who is that? Another friendly scarecrow?My sweetheart! I think he's the friendliest one of all!

Scarecrow, scarecrow,
How scary can you be?
You scare the birds
But you don't scare me!


  1. lol, that is cute, Adrienne. He is like my young grandson, running to get behind the huge plant with the big leaves.
    I'm glad you watched the videos of the musician. It WAS awesome.

  2. Now, there is one scarecrow that I don't think I'll find at my Michael's. LOL I loved seeing your fall leaves turning.

  3. It's beginning to feel like fall here, too!

    That's the cutest picture Adrienne!

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. LOL! At first I didn't see him! The trees are so beautiful! None of the trees here have started turning yet, I guess it's too hot!


  5. Some of our trees are just beginning to show some color. I can't wait!

    Love the scarecrows! Especially the good lookin' one on the left!

    Blessings and hugs!

  6. You can keep that weather as long as you promise to send us your mild, even, dare I say, cool weather so we can pretend like it's FALL!! :)

  7. I enjoyed your post. I have worked with senior citizens since 1982. I've learned what I want to be "when I grow up."

  8. one day I want to make it across the US and visit Oregon...your pics are great...and I like the new scarecrow, too. That was cute!
    come visit me any time!
    : )

  9. I like the photo of scarecrows and friend. Photos like that are fun to make into postcards to send to family and friends--just to say hi.

    I used to live in Coos Bay back in the 70's. I well remember the beautiful coastline of course. You live in a wonderful place.

  10. Adrienne, that is the cutest picture. I do believe your sweetheart has a fantastic sense of humor.

  11. LOL! How cute your husband is! Cute poem too. We used to have an old farm house in Tennessee. I had a garden and would make a scarecrow every year. The birds would land on top if it hat and rest - lol.

  12. That is cute - I had to look twice to see the extra scarecrow.

    I cannot wait for Fall!

  13. That is so cute! Don't you love a man that makes you laugh! That photo is sure a keeper & so is your guy!
    Take care, DebraK

  14. What a cute picture, Adrienne! The trees are so pretty...I love those fall colors!

  15. That's cute! What a good sport!

    I love scarecrows and have a big collection of them, I'll be getting them out soon!


  16. LoL, what a sweetie! The weatehr here has turned beautifully cool and the leaves are beginning to turn. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year:>)

  17. That's funy I nearly missed hubby till y ou mentioned it.

  18. Your hubby has cute antics. He must have you giggling often! :o)

  19. I've always heard that Oregan is a beautiful state and the picture is proof. Our leaves are starting to fall in central Pennsylvania. I love sunshine in September also. The scarecrows are great!

  20. OMGosh....that is the CUTEST picture. It actually took me just a second to find your sweetheart!
    love it !!

  21. The leaves on our trees haven't started to change yet.

    Cute scarecrow picture!

  22. hehe how cute. I bet that he isn't for sale right? =) I bet your weather is nice.We never get really cold here so when a wind blows we get excited.

  23. "If you knew....
    Peggy Sue....
    then you'd know why I feel blue...
    Without Peggy.....
    My Peggy Sue.....(hiccup)....

    hahaha, I just love great memories!
    love, bj

  24. ooo, dear, I think I posted twice here...sorry! if so, just delete one.

  25. Awwww, your hubby looks too nice to scare anyone!!




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