Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Power Of Prayer

If my people
who are called by my name
will humble themselves
and pray and seek my face
and turn from their wicked ways,
I will hear from heaven
and will forgive their sins
and restore their land.
My eyes will be open
and my ears attentive
to every prayer
made in this place.

II Chronicles 7: 14-15
New Living Translation

In just a few days, in the United States, Election Day will be here, bringing with it the privilege to cast our vote for candidates and issues across this great country of ours. The outcome of these elections will determine the direction of every part of our lives in our neighborhoods, cities, counties, states and the entire nation. We need to pray like we've never prayed before!

People everywhere are being asked to call on God for His intervention on behalf of our country. My dear friend, Katherine, at Yellow Rose Arbor, challenged us to pray for one minute every night at nine o'clock p.m. Eastern Time for the election. (See her new blog, Power of Prayer.) The Presidential Prayer Team has called us to join together to pray for the election. Their website states: 'Prayer is the most significant way you can impact our country. When you bring the political process before God, things happen—by God’s initiative, and in your mind and heart. It’s a powerful and empowering process. We urge you to try it and see!'
An Election Eve Online Prayer Rally has been organized, calling us to join together to seek God's guidance as we vote. You can read more about it here. I have signed up to join thousands of believers as we humble ourselves and pray and seek God's face for this critical decision. Won't you join us and pray ?

Artwork (top): 'Prayer Warrior' by Danny Hahlbohm


  1. Thanks for your Sunday inspiration. You always move my heart.

  2. This is great, Adrienne! Thank you for mentioning my Power of Prayer blog! I'm praying for many prayer warriors to join and I'm so thankful for those who have!


  3. That's a good idea! I just hope everyone accepts whatever the outcome is!


  4. I agree deeply with you and what is going on. the news is driving me nuts. I wish so bad people would vote the Bible and eyes could be opened.

  5. Thank you Adrienne. Love that Mexican restaurant. There is another very unique one on down, across from Skyline Ford...soooo good. You didn't get to go to the Cottage Gate or Girls Back Porch...maybe next time.

  6. I've been praying for our country, however it's always nice to join other prayer warriors. Thanks for the link!

    Be blessed!


  7. Oh yES, I will join in your prayer line.I pray every night for our country. I will take your prayer button and put it on my blog. Prayer is the absolute most powerful thing in the universe!


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