Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Return From The Hunt

The hunters have returned. Safe and sound. They came home tired but happy. They have lots of stories to tell - and venison for the winter! My sweetheart and our son returned last evening, proudly displaying their trophies from the hunting trip. Our son got the bigger of the two deer. This was a wonderful experience for father and son. It was the first time in several years they have been able to hunt together. Their stories have just begun - I'm sure there are many more to tell. They met up with other family members in the mountains of Eastern Oregon and spent time together trekking through the woods as well as times around the campfire in the evening. It was good for both of 'my' guys to get away from the routine and hard work of everyday life - just time together, doing what they love to do. And time with family and friends. That makes it even more special. In a few weeks they will join some of the family members in another place in Eastern Oregon where they will hunt for elk. Our son-in-law hopes to join them then and the three of them will return with even more stories to tell. These times together are so good for them. Sometimes people tell me that hunting costs much more than buying meat at a local market. They miss the point! My answer is always the same. It's not just about the meat - it's the good that comes from being away from home in the fresh air, doing something they enjoy, with people they love. Time to relax and think and reflect. It's cheaper than therapy! And sometimes they can catch up on their sleep.Maybe just a bit.

Edited to add: Our son just emailed me the picture my sweetheart took of him and his deer. The picture was taken with our son's cell phone. Love that new technology!

Poster: 'Deer Hunter' - Kate Ward Thacker
Photo: 'Sleeping On The Job' - Charles Alsheimer, photographer


  1. I'm glad that your hubby and son enjoyed their time dh hunts with his family on our property but they still enjoy the time together.

    Thanks for commenting on my latest project. The basket weave has green in it. I like your idea of just painting that black...I'll let you know what I decide!

  2. OUr whole family loves venison. The guys go up to the cabin in the woods that belonged to Earl's grandfather and they always enjoy themselves, cooking big breakfasts and dinners on the old wood stove and using the outhouse! lol.

  3. Glad they are safely home -- and happy from their trip. That is a great picture of your son and his deer!


  4. Tell us about that picture of the deer standing beside (your husband?) Did it really come up to him? Nice hunting!! ;-)


  5. My husband is a hunter...our season here in VT is starting soon.

    Love the picture of the sleeping man with the deer..I'll be sure to show that to my husband this evening.


  6. My husband is just drooling!He hasnt gotten his yet. Laurie

  7. Hi dear Adrienne! Glad the men had a great hunting trip and are safely home!! Thanks for your kinds words and I am truly praising God with a grateful heart!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. A wonderful post, Adrienne. It's been many years since J hunted.

    I want to thank you for commenting on my photo blog. I don't know if I have many visitors or not, since I don't have a counter.

  9. Hi Adrienne!
    Everything you said is so true--It is the same for my guys also. My A. son and husband just love being out in the woods and spending this special time together. There is also a group of men from our church who meet with them--they have so much fun planning, scouting and then the fellowship!
    Glad they're back safely--loved the picture!
    Blessings to You!
    Claudia O.

  10. Good job, hunters! And looks like they were close to the home of my heart in the Blue Mountains.
    Riff's been out the last couple weekends but no venison in the freezer yet. Soon!


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