Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I haven't been posting much this last week but I have been checking in to see some of your blogs and keep up with your doings. But I have been busy - very busy! What have I been doing? Enjoying our new hot tub.

You may remember the trip to the Oregon Coast my sweetheart and I took last month and the cute little condo where we stayed. While we were there we enjoyed time in the little hot tub on the deck overlooking the beach and the waves nearby. By the time we headed home I realized that the entire time we were away I had not taken any meds for issues left by my 'old' back injury. As I thought about it I realized that the key was time in the hot tub. So, my sweetheart and I began to shop for a small hot tub to add to our home. As we drove home we planned exactly where it would be and what remodeling would be involved to make it work for us. I could hardly believe we were having that discussion but it didn't take me long to begin to research and shop! Shortly after arriving home we became aware of a small, family-owned business just a few miles south of our home. A peek or two at their website and we knew we would like to do business with them. One Saturday morning we drove to their business and within minutes we found just the one we wanted. It was a used hot tub, only six months old, traded in by someone who decided it was too small for them. We arrived at just the right time to find exactly what we needed - and he gave us a great deal. The business owner went over every little inch of this one to be sure it was in perfect order. He delivered it, put it in our temporary spot and gave us some wonderful steps he builds and includes with each order.
The hot tub is not where it will eventually find its permanent home. There is work to be done to its 'spot' and a door added where a window now graces our home. In the meantime we knew we couldn't wait long to enjoy the benefits of our new spa.
It was necessary for some major electrical changes to be made before the hot tub could be wired, connected and enjoyed. So my sweetheart - a 'jack of all trades' kind of guy - did the needed work. For safety the power company came to our home and disconnected the flow of electricity into our house.
Then my sweetheart began the work. With the power off there was no light in the garage area where the electrical box is housed so he bought a cute little 'head lamp' to light his work space. Isn't it a cute little thing? Could become a new fashion statement.
Within minutes he began his carefully executed plan.
When the work at the box was finished he still had to work on the outside connection.
The tub had been filled the day before and the required chemicals added. Now we just had to wait for power, heat the water and then enjoy!
And then - my sweetheart was finished, the connection was made, the power button turned on and - voila - we had bubbles! I was so excited I could hardly wait for the water to heat. But I had to wait!! The water was only forty eight degrees. No way was I going to get in there!
The next morning the water was hot and it was time to enjoy a soak in the tub! Too bad my sweetheart had to go to work and couldn't join me. The day was gorgeous, but chilly. I was warm and cozy. And happy. I could hardly believe this was really ours. The only thing missing was the view of the beach!
On clear, sunny mornings as I sat there I looked around and noticed how much yard work needed to be done. Move a rose bush or two, replace that overgrown tree with a smaller species, on and on it went. When I moved to the other side I began to mentally make a list of all the work that needs to be done on the house! Power wash the gutters, finish painting the trim around the new patio door - it continued. Work - work - work! That's what I saw. How can you relax when you're looking at all that work? So I decided to close my eyes and relax, just rest. The work will be there when the weather warms a bit. And it will get done.
Since that day I have been in the hot tub nearly every day - twice a day. Late evenings are special with my sweetheart as we sit and relax and share our day. Our weather has changed. It's rainy and windy outside for a few days so my sweetheart put a canopy above the hot tub. It will work until we get the new spot ready and the roof is built over the cute little patio where we will continue to relax and enjoy time together. I'll be sure to share it with you when it's all finished. Oh, did I tell you our kids wondered why we got such a small hot tub? Our answer - we don't want to have parties. And we don't want to share!


  1. It looks like you have been having a very nice time.

  2. Hi Adrienne
    We had a hot ub in our previous home and we loved it! I am so glad to hear that it's helping your back. You rdaughter cmae to my mind this morning so I was praying for her and wondering how she is coping with the loss of her husband.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. Oh Adrienne, lucky you!! That looks delightful and I bet you're going to landscape and make the little spot extra special!!

    Enjoy your "soaks!"



  4. Wow, Adrienne, that is wonderful! But it seems like you would freeze outside! And by the way, your husband is so smart!

  5. Sounds wonderful, Adrienne!

  6. That tub looks awesome. I appreciate all the info about installation you provided. I went ahead and ordered a GFCI so i can get my new Hot Tub installed ASAP!! I can't wait to enjoy my Hot Tub the way you seem to enjoy your hot tub!

  7. Good for you guys! You will so love it. We had a hot tub at our last house and really miss it. One of these days we're going to have to replace it. I don't blame you at all for getting the small tub. Not relaxing to have people splashing in and out. That time is just for the two of you. Enjoy!

  8. I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy stopping by your blog - its so soothing and uplifting. I really enjoy seeing how your family all seem to love and support each other. And I'm really glad you found something to help your back - pain stinks and you deserve to be pain-free.

  9. Oh my goodness, our guys are sooo much alike! :o)

    We had a hot tub at one of our past homes and used it often. One day we'll purchase another. So glad you're enjoying yours! It looks like a really nice one. :o)

  10. How nice to be able to relax and enjoy your hot tub! Is it still cold there?

    I learned about a headlamp when my grandson had one on his Christmas list! They are neat!

    I have missed you!



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