Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chug Chug Toot Toot, Off We Go!

Mt. Hood Railroad Logo

This morning we are on our way out of town. We are taking my dear little mother on an excursion – a train ride through the Hood River Valley in the north central part of Oregon along the Columbia River.

Train and Mt Hood

The Mount Hood Railroad is a working railroad. On weekdays it hauls freight to and from the apple and pear orchards of the fertile Hood River Valley. But on weekends you will find a different scene. An excursion train carries people through the gorgeous countryside to enjoy the beauty that can only be found here.

Train and Blossoms

The valley runs from Hood River, on the shores of the Columbia, to the base of Mount Hood. As we travel we will enjoy the splendors of the scenic Columbia Gorge while climbing through the spectacular Hood River Valley. Today we will travel through thousands of acres of pear and apple blossoms and listen to live music in the park while we eat our picnic lunch during the layover in Parkdale, at the base of the mountain.


This century old railroad dates from the early 1900s. The Excursion Train is comprised of enclosed coaches, a concession car offering light food and beverage, and the air-conditioned dome car. We will sit back and relax as we enjoy the great views and visit with my dear mother and my cousin and her husband.

Caboose and Mt Hood

And as we travel along the river, through forests, meadows and numerous fruit orchards, a live narration will explain local history and key points of interest.

Train By the River

Our excursion today is a gift from my sweetheart and I to my dear mother for her eighty-sixth birthday that we celebrated in February. Not long before her birthday I heard that she had always wanted to make this trip and I thought it was time to see her dream fulfilled. And what better time of year to enjoy the beauty of Spring? The photos I’ve included are from the website. But when I return I’m sure I will have more photos than I can possibly share with you. An open-air car is available for brave souls who like the breeze in their face and for photographers who want to capture the views without dealing with the reflection from windows in the passenger cars. The weather is supposed to be perfect – sunny and warm. So, today, dear friends – we are riding the rails!


  1. Gorgeous views and what a nice way to see them, Adrienne. I'm sure your mother (and the two of you) will be pleased as punch with the highlights of the day. :o)


  2. You two are so sweet to your dear Mother. I hope you all have a wonderful time. Looking forward to your beautiful pictures ~

  3. We did this trip years ago and loved it. I know you and your mom will too. Beth Z

  4. This sounds like a wonderful gift to your mother! Giving the beauty of nature and your time and companionship, what could be better? I hope you had a wonderful time:>)

  5. Can't wait to hear details and see pictures! I know you will all have a wonderful time!

    God bless,


  6. Hi Sweetie!
    I totally forgot you were going on this trip. HOW FUN! We just got back from OKC tonight .... via Washington DC! Long story and long day. We need to check our schedules for some get-togethers or road trips!
    Luv ya! B :)

  7. Enjoyed all these railway posts Adrienne.
    Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.


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