Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jesus Saves


Hear the heart of heaven beating,

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

And the hush of mercy breathing,

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

Hear the host of angels sing,

"Glory to the Newborn King."

And the sounding joy repeating,

"Jesus saves."

See the humblest hearts adore Him.

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

And the wisest bow before Him.

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

See the sky alive with praise,

Melting darkness in its place

There is life forevermore,

"Jesus saves.”

He will live our sorrow sharing,

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

He will die our burden bearing,

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

"It is done!" will shout the cross,

Christ has paid redemption's cost!

While the empty tomb's declaring,

"Jesus saves."

Freedom's calling, chains are falling,

Hope is dawning bright and true.

Day is breaking, night is quaking,

God is making all things new.

"Jesus saves."

Oh to grace, how great a debtor!

"Jesus saves. Jesus saves."

All the saints who shout together.

"I know that Jesus saves."

Rising up so vast and strong

Lifting up salvation's song,

The redeemed will sing forever,

"Jesus saves."

Happy Resurrection Day!!

Song: ‘Jesus Saves’

as recorded by Travis Cottrell

Artwork from


  1. Adrienne, wishing you a very blessed Easter day to you and your family. Beautiful song to celebrate Jesus' triumph over death--empty tombs, making all things new.
    Hug and love,

  2. Adrienne ~ wishing you and your family a joyful and blessed Easter!

  3. Easter blessings to you and yours Adrienne! Marlene

  4. Hello Adrienne ~~ Stopping by to wish you a wonderful Easter!


  5. A happy and blessed Easter to you and your family!

    Loretta in GA

  6. Adrienne, you have been so much on my mind lately. I have missed visiting you, but I am trying to care for my mother. I hope we get good news at her appointment tomorrow.

    Easter blessings for you and your family.

  7. Jesus saves!!

    Hallelujah! He lives, therefore we'll live with Him in eternity!


  8. Beautiful, Adrienne, Happy Easter to you and yours ~

  9. Hello, dear friend,
    I hope your Easter was just delightful.
    I have thought so much of your daughter and her children and pray for comfort for all of them.
    Are you and your mom going antiques shopping any time soon? I hope so because I know how much you love that!
    xo bj

  10. I'm so glad He saved me! :) I enjoyed seeing the new treasures you recently found and seeing the pics of your precious puppy. He's already grown! :)

  11. Thank you for your message about Joe's good news! I hope your eyes are okay!



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