Monday, April 20, 2009

Railroad Reflections

Thinking back to our day aboard the Mount Hood Railroad brings so many treasured memories to mind. The sights and sounds of our day together on the rails will stay in our hearts and minds forever.


We were seated in the ‘Katherine’ car, vintage 1911.


There were wonderful things to see during our lunch layover – railroad and logging memorabilia, gift shops, a museum and a historical home.


This was just one caboose among several on display near the station.


We’re anxious to return for other excursions aboard the train. Plans are in the works for special trips with our grandkids. We are making reservations for the trip on Thomas the Train later this summer and, hopefully, we will go on the Polar Express just before Christmas.


This old luggage and freight cart by the vintage depot caught my eye. I would love to have one filled with wonderful flowers and interesting things in my garden!


Even the iron fences and gates identified the fun we were having!


Soon I’ll share more photos of our trip and a glimpse of the wonderful time we had together riding the rails one sunny Saturday in Oregon.


  1. What fun! I don't believe I've ever been on a train except the little one at the zoo! I don't think that counts:>)

  2. It's great you are already planning more outings with the kids. I enjoyed your pictures.

  3. I like the black and white (sepia?) photos, gives a vintage feel! I glad you were in the "Katharine car!"


  4. I have always liked trains. The SEC railroad ran behind our house when I was growing up. There was a 10 PM train that always 'rocked' me to sleep. I loved riding on them too. I remember my first ride as a child, a school field trip to the next town 15 miles away. Your photos are beautiful done in B&W.

  5. I'm loving your railroad posts. It looks like so much fun and something that Riff and I have talked about doing. You've just completely moved that up on our list of things to do. I didn't know they had a Polar Express ride at Christmas. The little kid in me is shining at that possibility!

  6. Hi Adrienne, I love all the railroad stuff! The pictures are great too! We are hoping to take a trip on that Train sometime ourselves. I didn't know about the Polar Express or the Thomas the Train - do you have any info on them? Have a great week, and I'll talk with you soon,

  7. Ahhh .... thanks for taking us along on the trip.

    We are thinking of taking Amtrak to Seattle .... just to ride the train!

    B :)


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