Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Faire To Remember – Part 1

As promised, I have so much to share about the recent Antique Faire at Deepwood Estate. More photos than there is room to show – and more to tell than time allows. But I just don’t want to miss the chance for you to see what a wonderful group of people I met that day and the incredible things they offered for sale. Today I’ll share a few more scenes and the many treasures found that day. In a few days I will share the talents and artistry of vendors you may recognize from the world of blog.


Remember this little darling? She belongs to the gal who had a wonderful booth filled with lovelies that were hard to leave there. I think I easily could have filled my car with her wares!


Such sweet things displayed so well.


And an old, iron crib that really wanted to come home with me, but didn't!


Would you believe she made the most delicious, delightful, delectable, rich chocolate cupcakes you can imagine? And they were free!


Nearby, a booth of vintage clothing captured my heart. There was a wedding gown with a tiny waist and a train attached to the over-jacket.


And a mourning hat and veil from Victorian days.


My favorites – vintage children's clothing! A precious little coat and bonnet and sweet little dresses nearby.


There were booths filled with old linens and furniture. . .


Kitchen gadgets of all kinds. . .


Old Silver and china. . .


Petticoats. . .


And treasures galore.


There was more – so much more! Please come back soon and meet some vendors whose work you may recognize. I can’t wait to share some special people whose artistry and talent often graces our lives in the wonderful world of blog. Oh-oh, I see something in the photos that I didn’t see up close. Wonder if the vendor still has it! Now, wouldn’t it be fun to find her and see?


  1. Oh Adrienne!Lovely pictures!!Especially those cupcakes...LOL What a wonderful time you must have had.Blessings~Sharon:-)

  2. Hi Adrienne, thank you for stopping by. I am happy that you enjoyed the pics of S.F., it was a wonderful trip! I love your new banner, all fall-ish! Very pretty! And WHERE was this antique fair??? I just love those, but none around here like that - what great things!!! What did you bring home? Can't wait to see your next post!!!

  3. Thank you for your nice comment!! Have a wonderful wonderful time and come back safely!! Laurie

  4. Oh, what a wonderful fair (to remember!) I would love to go to something like this!

    Too bad you didn't get that crib, Joey would have loved sleeping in it!


  5. What fun! I see lots of treasures that I would love to have seen in person. This looks like a great show to attend:>)

  6. Free cupcakes? Yum!! Looks like a nice fair - I see lots of things I'd have taken a closer look at! I would have loved to have seen the vintage clothing!


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