Friday, October 16, 2009

What Color Is Autumn?

PA164166What color is Autumn?
I really can’t tell -
Sometimes it is golden,
I know it so well,
And then very suddenly
To my surprise,
It changes to auburn
In front of my eyes.
What color is nature
This late Autumn day?
There’s a whirlwind of orange
In the leaves as they play,
But no – some are brown
Or a crimson would seem,
But there in the valley,
A trace still of green.
What color October?
My dear, can’t you tell,
’Tis a rainbow of beauty
Where Autumn doth dwell.
The green and the golden,
The crimson and brown. . .
You’ll find Autumn's colors
In leaves falling down.

- Garnett Ann Schultz -


  1. Hi, sweetie!
    Thinking of you and the lovely changes of season ... Hope you and Joey are getting out of doors to enjoy and take pics as you take time to explore and refresh. (Make sure you have time for fun, you BUSY lady!)
    B :)

  2. This is beautiful Adrienne! The music, poem and photo!

    Happy Fall and Happy Weekend!

  3. Lovely poem and Autumn leaves Adrienne! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings to You!
    Claudia O.

  4. Wonderful poem Adrienne!Loved that image too.~Sharon

  5. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it Adrienne:>)

  6. I love Autumn and all the colors it has to offer. Enjoyed the poem and thank-you for sharing! I love your blog and the Autumn music was wonderful

    Tracy :)

  7. That is so pretty, Adrienne, loved it.

  8. The colors of autumn are so beautiful. Each year I think they are more beautiful than the year before. Lovely poem.

  9. What a lovely poem. Our autumn isn't anything like that yet--still hot and muggy. I'm trying to be patient.


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