Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Girl’s Dream Come True!


Once upon a time there was a little brown-eyed, brown-haired girl named Adrienne. She had a wonderful daddy and he loved her very much. One day, when she was only three, he and her dear, little mother took Adrienne to the zoo. They had a lovely day together and when they went home she slept peacefully that night as she dreamed of all the animals she had seen. But there was one that was special – she thought of him over and over and over again. Not long afterwards her daddy told her that she was getting big enough to have a pet. Thinking she would like a dog or a cat, or perhaps a fish or a bird, he asked her what kind of pet she would like. She quickly answered, ‘I would like a giraffe!’ Now her daddy had not anticipated this answer but, being a very wise and loving father, he quickly said, ‘Well, Adrienne, I do see a problem if you have a pet giraffe. You might want your pet to sleep with you and a giraffe would never be able to fit in your bed!’ Giving a moment of careful thought to this information she quickly agreed and chose a dog. But in her little heart she truly wanted a giraffe and as she grew to be a lady her heart never lost the fascination for these tall, beautiful creatures.

As she grew up, one day Adrienne suggested to her father that she felt he really, truly ‘owed’ her a giraffe because that was her first choice for a pet. It quickly became a joke between the two of them and he told her that one day he would get her a giraffe. Through the years of their lives together she often reminded him that he owed her a giraffe! And they always laughed at the thought – oh, how they laughed. One Christmas morning not many years ago when her kind father and dear mother arrived at Adrienne’s home to celebrate with her and her family, her father placed a small package under the tree. As the morning passed and gifts were exchanged it wasn’t long before her daddy gave the little package to her. When she opened it, inside was a small giraffe with a note that said, ‘Here’s your giraffe – now you can’t ever say I owe you one!’ And they laughed again. That little giraffe has been treasured much, especially since he went away a few years ago. And every time Adrienne saw a giraffe – real or otherwise – she always thought of her dear daddy and the joy and laughter they shared together.

Yesterday, while passing through a neighborhood, Adrienne came upon a garage sale. A wonderful garage sale! Before her car had even come to a stop she spied a slightly-loved giraffe sitting in the drive. When she got out she could hardly believe her eyes – five dollars. A thirty-inch tall concrete giraffe with the sweetest face!


She knew he was meant for her. And somehow she knew her sweet father was looking down and smiling as she took him home with her! That evening she showed him to her dear, little mother and the first thing her mother said was, ‘You’re father would laugh! He would be SO happy!’ And somehow she really thinks he is. She’s sure he is!


  1. Awww! That story brought tears to my eyes Adrienne! What a sweet realtionship you have had with your parents. The giraffe is adorable and I have never seen one before. It must truely be meant for you!

  2. what a sweet story, glad you got it in the end.They say everything comes to those who wait!

  3. What a beautiful story, Adrienne! I bet your heart skipped a beat when you drove up and saw your giraffe. I'm sure your Dad IS happy and laughing about it. You must have had a wonderful childhood!


  4. I love your giraffe story!! He is beautiful! Did you name him? I would name him Ralph, the Giraffe! LOL! I have also loved giraffes, but never had them because they didn't go with my decor! I think they are so stately! Glad you found such a bargain!


  5. Oh Adrienne, this is such a sweet, sweet story...I'm so happy that your Heavenly Father arranged for this fine giraffe to be in your path so you could take him home. No doubt your earthly Dad conspired with Him on the deal just to bless you! :o) Thanks for sharing this inspiring tale, the photos of your handsome giraffe, and the joy that it brought you...I am very touched!

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Becky S.


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