Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Business And A Sweet Thing Or Two

Like many of you I have begun to receive comments on my blog that are ‘not for public consumption’. It has forced me to turn on the Word Verification feature for comments. As much as I have tried to avoid using this feature I’m left with no choice. It’s for our own protection – yours and mine. While it’s unfortunate that we have to deal with those who choose to interfere with the lives of people like us who love to blog and share ourselves and our friendships together, it seems this is the world in which we find ourselves and I am thankful that we can choose to ignore these other ‘not-nice’ voices that try to interrupt our conversations together.

Tomorrow I will share more from our recent vacation – until then here are a few cute things I couldn’t wait to share. Flowers (for sale) filled the large porch of the historic ‘mercantile’ near our RV park. This one greeted us each time we stopped by.


As we drove around another small town in Eastern Oregon we saw this cute little place that is connected at the back of a church building. The bright paintings on the left are part of a fenced in play yard. Someone took great care to make their little home the cottage of their dreams. Look at the window box and garden – no watering - no weeding!


We stopped in a little town to buy a cold soft drink. My sweetheart went into the little store and Joey and I stayed in the car across the street. I was amazed as I watched this young man and his dog prepare for another ‘leg’ of their journey. I wondered how the plastic tub was secured but none of that seemed to bother the dog. We learned that he is thirteen years old and has been riding with his owner for many years. He doesn’t mind his goggles and nothing seems to bother him – he’s just enjoying the ride!


I love the sign on the little store. Notice their priorities – antiques first, then needful things. My kind of people!


There is more to share – so much more. I love spending time with each of you. We’ll keep on chatting and visiting and sharing our lives together. I’ll be by to visit you soon.


  1. Don't you hate when someone tries to use your blog for their nasty business? I get those all the time, it sometimes makes me wish I could start over with a new blog address and see if I could get some peace from them for a while, I suppose it wouldn't last long.
    One of the things I really enjoy is finding cute things to see, like these you are showing us, when I travel. I looks like a fun trip!

  2. Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. Love that dog with the motorcycle. Too cute.

  3. Sorry to hear about that. I don't understand people sometimes.


  4. I'm sorry to hear you've had problems, Adrienne.

    I have disabled anonymous comments and that has helped a lot.

    Love seeing your vacation pictures.

  5. I'm so sorry about those comments, my friend. I love all your precious pictures. Hugs ~

  6. Love those purple pansies, and the container they were planted in.

    I always wondered how people trained their pets to ride on motorcycles, or ATV, isn't that dog cute, what a clever idea, goggles to protect his eyes.

    My dog would eat them!

    Thanks for sharing the beautyful sceneries.

  7. I like your blog very much and even those pics which you have made. I like your vacations photographs.

  8. I think you are right what you all describe in the post. Thanks that you shared with us.


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