Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garden Color

I love the colors of my garden - the green of the leaves, the rich brown of the soil and little bits of color showing up as plants bloom and blooms turn into edible delights.  That would be enough to delight my heart.  But this year I found something that just needed to be added. A yellow tomato cage!
I could have used the old, gray metal tomato cages that are stored neatly in the garden shed but I just couldn’t resist this one when I saw it a few weeks ago as I walked through my local hardware store!  I know I could – but why?
There are two more tomato plants to the left of this one that need cages soon.  They will be bigger than this cherry tomato plant and they need larger cages that don’t come in yellow.  They will get ‘new’ ones soon!  They get the big, old cages but they aren’t worried – theirs will look like this one.  The day I bought this yellow cage I went straight to the paint department and bought spray paint the exact shade of yellow as the new one.  What’s a girl to do?  She has to color coordinate her garden – doesn’t she?


  1. You are so right Adrienne! How could you not get yellow cages?:>) I would go for the red ones, (there were red ones weren't there?)
    I love our garden too, they always look so lush and lovely, and I have the added joy of anticipation of the fruits of my labors.

  2. Lol! I was going to suggest you spray paint and you are way ahead of me! Love your yellow cage. Your garden looks great!

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  4. LOL, I've never seen yellow ones before! And it is a hoot that you bought spray paint to get the others to match!

  5. Love the yellow tomato cage, Adrienne! Your garden looks so nice ~

  6. Of course, only yellow garden cages for a yellow girl.


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