Friday, June 17, 2011

My Garden Assistant

A few weeks ago I had an unexpected visit from one of my favorite little people.  My youngest grandson, Mr. H., came to visit for awhile.  Without his brothers or his mommy and daddy.  Just Mr. H. and I for about two wonderful hours.  We had such fun together.  He has a sunny outlook on life and loves to talk and play.  And help.  The first thing we did was get out some favorite toys.  Joey had to check them out!   
P5129533 Mr. H. loves to play with tiny cars that have all kinds of things that go with them.  And he really loves to play with the big, red barn that this Papa built for his daddy when he was about three.  The roof is in the background – it lifts off so you can put the animals inside or drive the old tractor in when you’re finished with it.  I asked him to smile for a picture - when he saw my camera he put on his special smile just for me!     P5129531He and Joey played together and it wasn’t long before we went outside.  I needed to turn the soil in my garden beds one last time before planting this year’s vegetables.  Gardening is much more fun when you have an assistant.  Mr. H. helped me and I think you might agree with me – he did a fine job.  The soil in the garden box he worked on was in great shape when he left for home.     P5129537
Not long after we started working on the garden boxes, Mr. H. found a worm.  When the worm disappeared, the hunt was on to figure out where he had gone.
Within minutes he saw a worm on the other side of the garden bed.  He was excited and he couldn’t wait to tell me he found the worm.  He said it ‘jumped’ to the other side of the garden!
If you need an assistant gardener I know one you can ‘hire’.  His pay?  Just hugs and maybe a cookie or two!


  1. Mr. H looks like he had a fun time "assisting" you. What a cutie! :)

  2. What a cute grandson! I know he was a big help to you.
    I'm having to post anonymous and then sign so you will know who. Blogger having problems.
    Have a wonderful weekend ~

  3. I'd hire him in a heartbeat!

  4. Hi my friend! Your grandson is adorable! So, it's not too late to plant veggies? We wanted to try raised beds for the first time, but I thought we had procrastinated too long.

  5. He is so cute Adrienne. I know how much you enjoyed your time with him.

    In answer to your question at the Back Porch, we are about 2 hours and 15 minutes from the lake...if we don't make stops. It is usually about a three hour drive, because we like to make stops and so does Molly.:-)

  6. Hugs and cookies I can afford:>) What a sweet boy!

  7. What a treat to have such a special garden helper and with a smile too.


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