Saturday, August 27, 2011


We’re at the beach again.  The Oregon Coast has called us back.  Last weekend I shared that we were there for the memorial service of our dear friend – and I shared that I was leading worship at the church where her hubby is the minister.  He’s taking time away and we are there to help a bit.  We will continue to be there often – because God has touched our hearts with the need to be there!  In the process, God is giving us a precious gift.  The gift of time away.  Together.  At the beach! Just being beachcombers. For awhile.    P8200538Enjoying the tide pools. . .     P8200569Walking in the sand. . .     P8200550And finding a few surprises along the way.     P8200558Our little cabin-on-wheels is parked in a quiet spot beside the church where we can smell the salt-sea air and, if we’re very quiet, we might even hear the sound of the waves at night.  I won’t have internet access there – I’ll just be relaxing and waiting to tell you all about our weekend away.Look who’s going with us!  P8200583He’s very excited.  He loves the beach and he can’t wait to go back again!


  1. wish i were there too, ad. i could do with a little salty air and ocean breeze about now. :o) couldn't we all?! enjoy your time .. where the Lord has you and how He's using you so wonderfully, blessedly and tenderly. praying.

  2. The coastline there is beautiful. I love the ocean scenes. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  3. We use to have a little dog that just loved the beach. It is fun to see Joey there in the sand. I love the discoveries of the beach.


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