Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Look Back

Yesterday I told you about the wonderful, historic Victorian house and gardens where I love to go.  I told you that I was going back again to help take down a display of vintage wedding gowns.  And I told you that I wouldn’t have a chance to take any photos.  Was I ever wrong!  There were a few minutes here and there for me to snap a few photos before the display was taken down.  P8080461I really enjoyed helping with the wedding gowns. It gave me a chance to look at the gowns up close – a chance to see details the public doesn’t always see.  P8080450The underpinnings, the incredible fabrics and trims. . .     P8080452The hand-stitched details that give the gown shape and form. . .     P8080454All exquisite and made with care.  P8080460Perfectly placed stitches and every detail intrigued me.  The front of each garment was wonderful, but when I saw the back I knew that the train was my favorite. P8080468Imagine the beautiful bride as she strolls down the garden path.  P8080469Or, as she gracefully comes down the elegant staircase.     P8080470A display of wedding shoes filled the built-in cupboard in a nearby closet.     P8080473Of course, every bride needs flowers.  I couldn’t help but stop to ‘collect’ a few as I made my way along the path to my car!  P8080436P8080437


  1. How beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to take pictures to share with us! They are all just incredible!


  2. Oh my goodness...how beautiful...and the old shoes too! Love it!

  3. The gowns are gorgeous! How fortunate you were to get an up close peek at them. I love touching the old fabrics.

  4. My friend, Marilyn ^above, sent me over here to look. I dream someday of making one of these, and have been collecting laces for many years for it. At first glance, they seem impossible and time consuming. But on further research, it is possible but a definite labor of love. Its in my "someday projects" list.


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