Friday, January 22, 2010

Afternoon Tea

I told you that I was having tea with my blog friend, Marilyn, and I promised to tell you all about it.  It was wonderful!  We had such a good time at a new tea room nearby.  Lavender Bleu is in West Linn, Oregon – if you live nearby or travel to our area, please stop by to enjoy it for yourself.
The sign on the sidewalk welcomes you before you step inside.  Once you open the door and step inside you realize you have arrived in a ‘to-die-for’ gift shop.   (I’ll show you the gift shop soon.)
It would be easy to get lost in the shop and forget that you came for tea.  Save the gift shop experience for later and walk to the back – go through the door into the outside patio area (where, by the way, there are all kinds of garden things for sale).  Don’t get distracted.  You can browse there later, too.  A pink-framed chalkboard sign welcomes you to the Tea Room.  Open that door and maybe you will find a friend waiting there to greet you.  I did!
Once inside there are all kinds of things to see and to buy.  Don’t get sidetracked – you need to be seated for tea!
This little place used to be an apartment.  It has been completely redone and made into the cutest place.  Tables with pastel polka-dot cloths surround the fireplace.  Each table is set for tea.
We were seated by the window, overlooking the patio, but not far from the fireplace.  Nearby flowers brightened a spot on the hearth.
The decor and the setting of this sweet place helps you relax before you have even begun to enjoy the tea and the tasty treats waiting for your pleasure.  It's like stepping into another world!
Our waitress was one of the owners.  She did a great job describing everything and helping us select our teas.
When I stepped through the door Marilyn was waiting for me.  She and I have been enjoying each other’s blogs and emailing and planning this day for awhile.  It was exciting to finally meet in person.  I love her blog, Delights of the Heart – it’s on my Favorites list.  When she posts something new I can’t wait to stop by and visit.  She and her hubby had a fantastic trip to Europe a few months ago and I felt as if I was right there with her.  You may also know her as Marmalady.  Stop by and visit her website – she has all kinds of things you won’t want to miss.
I loved the tea cozies and every part of our surroundings.  And I know that I need to add to my supplies to have a truly wonderful tea experience at home.  I need tea cozies for all occasions and wonderful teas and serving pieces galore!  There’s more shopping and thrifting and garaging to do in search of just the right things.  Stop by Marmalady’s to find her teas, accessories and tea-related items of all kinds.  Be sure to check her Etsy Shop to see her patterns for tea lovers.
Our Savories, Scones and Sweets arrived on delightful, small three-tiered serving pieces.  (See Marilyn’s blog, Delights Of The Heart, for the complete menu we enjoyed together.)
I have begun to realize, partly by reading several blogs, Marilyn’s  and other connoisseurs of fine tea, that I really don’t know much about tea.  I thought I was a lover of tea but once inside the shop, with the menu of tea selections in my hand, I knew I had much to learn.  And I discovered with the help of our waitress – and Marilyn – that I have not had many really good cups of tea.  Each of us selected a tea – Marilyn chose ‘Paris’ a black tea blend; I chose ‘Pomegranate Green’, a flavored tea.  I had trouble getting a good photo of my bright pink tea but I wanted you to see it.  It was good but I must admit that I really preferred the ‘Paris’ tea.
We sat over our Afternoon Tea and chatted for three hours!  There was so much to say – a chance to get acquainted and share our families and our homes and the things we enjoy.  What a sweet treat to finally meet and spend time together.  It’s an afternoon I’ll never forget.
We have plans to meet again – plans that include tea together in Marilyn’s back yard this summer and, perhaps, tea with other blog friends in the near future.  This blog world has brought friendships that I never dreamed possible – friendships I cherish.  But this week I had the chance to meet and spend face-to-face time with a friend whose friendship I enjoy and time together that I will always treasure in my heart!


  1. That all sounds so delightful, Adrienne. I loved the picture of you two. My goodness, I can't believe all those treats! :) I know you had a wonderful time. Blessings ~

  2. Hi Adrienne! How delightful to meet your blogging friend! What a sweet place and your tea and goodies look so wonderful!
    I love seeing the new picture of you!!
    Be a sweetie and have a nice weekend.
    Shelia :)

  3. Thanks for your kind words. It was a very special afternoon and I look forward to more tea experiences.

  4. OH MY GOSH, Adrienne! Just like "High Tea" in London! Love it! Who knew there was such a place nearby? Lovely. It looks like you had such fun too. Thank you for your sweetness and for your kindness, prayers and support.


  5. What a pretty place! The goodies look delectable and I am so glad you had a good time meeting a fellow blogger:>)

  6. looks like a fun tea-time!!!

    Heart Hugs,

  7. Oooh, looks like my kind of place! The tea and food looks wonderful! I've had Paris tea by Harney and Sons that is wonderful!

    The gift shop looks like so much fun! I'm going to come back another day and read that post again! My girlfriend spent the weekend with me, been real busy again! Will catch up soon!



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